Aside from trying to blog on a regular basis, I also try my best to read at least one book per week. Obviously, none of the two are happening consistently, but I try. I try! Hahaha.

It’s already September and I am just on my 9th book this year, how pathetic for someone with a one book per week goal lol. When I don’t have time to go to the bookstore, aka laziness gets the best of me, I just browse online and check if the books I’m currently crushing on is on available so I can download them, sometimes forget about them and sometimes actually read them.

I have always wanted to watch Blindness, a movie about a town that caught a plague where everyone suddenly just got blind. But, I also know that the story was originally from a book by Jose Saramago. Lo and behold, I was browsing a few weeks ago and I saw that there was a downloadable collected novels by him!

After finishing Dan Brown’s Inferno, I immediately started reading Blindness – since it’s the one I am most curious about. And I LOVED IT. To the point that I can’t stop reading and I was really fearing for the life of the people in the story, hahaha yeah I know I’m that kind of crazy.

Anyway, I’m done reading Blindness and am currently reading The Gospel According to Jesus Christ which is also from the same author. Will tell you about it once I’m done. 🙂



Back in 2013, after recovering from a bad break-up, I got bored with having too much time on my hands. Did something like that ever happen to you guys? I mean, I got used to having to manage my time between work, sleeping, and going out with my S.O. that having more time on my hands became a new thing again for me. And then, I saw a high school friend of mine started running and joining marathons so I decided to give it a try!


I’m sure no one will ever tell you that running is fun, I felt like dying during the first few weeks that I tried it! And it still feels like dying every time I become busy (and lazy) and stop running for about a week or two.


Laugh all you want, but when I originally started, I was running inside our condo building’s parking lot. Yep, a very small area of running round and round the same area for at least half an hour almost everyday after shift (I was doing graveyard shift then).


Originally in 2013, my main motivation was really to see how far I can run. So I kept running and beating my own record. By September, Nike had a Manila leg for the We Run series so I decided to register for the 10K marathon with my brother (partner registration) and started preparing for the marathon.


After getting my groove on, I started looking for another place to run, the parking lot being too small for my taste already. So every now and then, I would go to CCP in Manila and run. Up to now, it’s my favorite place to run simply because it is huge! There are so many people who run there as well so it’s relatively safe, plus, you get to do your own route which I love the most. Sometimes during Sundays, I would run with a colleague and then we’d have breakfast afterwards at Harbor Square. 🙂 Although my friend Japhet would most of the times be more busy looking for cute boys instead of actually running, hahaha.

By November 2013, I got the news that I will be going to India for 2 months starting December 1 for work. The marathon was scheduled December 2 meaning it was not meant for me, haha. So my brother had to run on his own. Before leaving for India, I brought with me running clothes thinking I’d get to run there during my free time, the problem was I didn’t realize Bangalore, which is in the southern part of India, does not get snow, but the weather gets to be really, really, cold. So after preparing for months to run, I got fat in India and literally had not even 1 run for 2 months (I’m sure you know what that means haha).


Fast forward to March of 2014, which was my first run of the year after getting back from India. I still go to CCP, because I really love the idea that I get to run under the trees, it’s open air and I get to really do my own route. I actually miss it, because I think it was May of that year when I started going to the gym and doing workouts there instead of just running.

Relatively speaking, I can say that I have been getting regular exercise since 2013. So lo and behold when I got hospitalized last February and was diagnosed with mild stroke!!! Yes, mild stroke! So I was in the graveyard shift doing some training and then at around 10 in the evening, I just felt like the left part of my body was acting differently. You know that feeling when you just woke up and you haven’t moved for a good few hours and so there’s that part of your body that feels weird from not moving for a while? Yep, that.


At first, I thought maybe I just didn’t get enough sleep or I was just hungry so I ate then headed to the company clinic. The doctor said all my vital signs were normal but he suggested I go to the ER already. I called my brother and we went straight to Makati Med where my sister followed. They did tests here and there and at around 3AM (I think), the doctor said I have a mild stroke and showed me my brain scan. Un-freakin-believable. I mean, I can even say that between my siblings and I, I was the healthiest! The doctor said they’ll do more tests the next day to figure out what caused the stroke, but first, I had to go on fasting for 12 hours so they can get my blood tested, and then more tests.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

The funny thing was, it was okay for me to eat anything! Like there were no limitations on what I can eat, weird right? Anyway, they did ECGs and bubble tests, had me take brain vitamins and other medicines until the 3rd day when they let me go home already without still finding the cause of the stroke. Up until now, my doctor said I probably was one of the unlucky few who got a stroke at a very young age, with unknown causes because she said even my cholesterol level was at a very good percentage.

So now, I’m taking medication for the blood clot in my brain and I try my best to be a little healthy than the rest of the population. I don’t smoke, I rarely drink, and when I do, I choose wine over any alcohol. I try to run at least twice in a week. But the one thing I realized that probably has a major impact on me is sleeping. Yes. It took me a mild stroke to realize the importance of getting enough sleep everyday. I have always taken sleep for granted. Like I literally get sleep for maybe a good four hours on a daily basis before and just make up for it during the weekends. I don’t know, but I think that had the biggest impact. I now realize how important it is to have a routine, which is going to bed and getting up at the same time everyday. I don’t know what happened to me and I’m sure we will never find out what caused the stroke. All I know that I have a few months left before I turn 30 and I seriously want to be at a healthy stage before my birthday. So good food, sleep and exercise are probably what needs to be part of my daily routine for that to happen. 🙂

Family Days

Because of work, I rarely get to go home to our real house now. The last time I was home was back in May – I feel like sa ibang bansa ako nagwo-work, caloca. It’s the same thing with my sister, work keeps us away from my mom’s great cooking and bonding time with our cousins. So, when there’s opportunity for us to get together as one big happy family, we take advantage of it. 😉

Like last Father’s Day, since we can’t go home to Bulacan, we just told ze parents to go visit us then we’ll just treat them dinner. Hehehe. Ang spoiled brats namin ‘no?

While waiting for the food. Realized we all smile the same it’s totally ridiculous! In a good way, hehe.

We make it a point to treat them naman. We don’t let them pay for anything na. They only have to pay for the toll fee, gas and parking nalang hehe.

The face of very full stomachs.

I love posting pictures of our family, and I even have our own reality-TV title: Keeping Up with the Arrezas. I know walang originality pero kebs na! After this Father’s Day dinner at Yabu, while at the car, both of them started telling me that the two of them had been talking behind my back a few months ago about the status of my love life. Inamin nila na pinag-uusapan na nila ako at ayaw lang nilang magtanong. Hahahaha. So the conversation went on until we got home and we were about to sleep. Hehehe.

Another one of those photograph-proof that we all smile the same.

What I love about my relationship with my siblings is that I feel like our parents have raised us really well. I love sharing that I have a really great relationship with them. Now that we are older, gone are the love-hate feelings that you have for your sister/brother because of something really simple or immature. The truth is, even if we don’t get to see each other every day, I can always feel their love. Naks!

Maybe because back when we were young, bawal ang mag-away sa bahay. We grew up na sila Mommy and Daddy lang ang pwede mag-away, hahaha. Caloca ang rule pero it was a very great rule, because since we were kids, super minsan lang talaga kami nag-aaway.

Since majority of our individual lives are governed by work and social life – whenever there is an opportunity for us 3 to be together – riot. Saya. Ang dami naming kwentuhan and I really love the fact that we are more open to each other about the things happening in our lives. I’m happy because now that we are older, we are really becoming more closer. Kahit pa lagi kaming walang time for each other or minsan Hi-Goodbye lang ang eksena namin sa condo, hehe.

I remember there was this time when our parents were pressuring us to look for a condo unit already. We have been renting for the last 4-5 years and they decided to just buy one since it’s a good investment. So we all checked the place out then had a very late lunch at Mister Jones. For some whatever reason, we had not given my brother his birthday and Christmas gift. So that day, since minsan lang mangyari na magkakasama kami, we decided to finally buy our promised, uber delayed gift. Pero kailangan ko muna silang ilibre ng lunch kasi daw na-promote ako. Namulubi talaga ako nung day na yun, hahaha. We ordered a LOT, as in good for 6 people yata pero in all fairness, naubos talaga namin ha! At naubos din pera ko hehehe. But still, it was fun!

Thanks to technology, specifically Line the app, we are always connected. Grabe, ang lakas maka-tag line nun! Pero it’s true, we do have a lot of kulitan moments when chatting that sometimes, when I’m bored, I get a screenshot and post it, just like the one above. Minsan naman, I just send a funny sticker, wala lang, hehehe.

I’m not saying we are the epitome of a perfect family and perfect example of how siblings should be. Last month nga lang ang dysfunctional ng effect namin eh. Simply because we didn’t coordinate with each other very well about the different requirements for renewing a passport. Yes. Nagkagulo kami sa requirements na kailangan. Nagalit si Mommy. Badtrip ako. Galit na din si Karen. Sinisisi si CJ. Etc, etc. But the funny thing was, on the day itself, parang walang inisan na naganap. Hahaha. My parents even bought Jollibee breakfast for us. Woohoo! Hehehe. Saya diba. Tapos wala lang. Kwentuhan and tawanan lang kami while in line. I loved that even though we were only together for a short while, that was still family day for me. Diba?

Now that we are all grown ups (yehes!), once thing I noticed is that we love treating our parents. To dinner, movies, travel, etc. I know it’s nothing compared to everything they did for us, but it really feels something when you are giving back. 🙂

Kaya last Sunday, we treated the Padre to the FIBA Asia Championship game! Hehehe. I’m not really a basketball fan, basta ako magchee-cheer lang ako sa team na dapat i-cheer. But I have no freakin’ idea what the fouls are, etc. Our dad, on the other hand, is one hell of a basketball fanatic. And gusto niya din naman tiyak mapanood – hindi lang super priority. So thru Line (yes i-promote talaga?), my siblings and I decided to treat our dad. Just my dad because we invited both of them but ayaw ni mother. Siya ang literal na walang hilig sa basketball. At maiingayan lang daw siya, hahaha.

Saya namin ‘diba? Hehe. Sabi ko nga when I posted the pictures, since we can’t afford to bring the Padre to Spain, sa Arena na lang muna. Well, Gilas got Silver but it’s still a very nice experience. And to have our dad experience it too feels great.

Sabi nila since we were kids CJ looks exactly like our Dad. Ewan. Hindi ko makita ang resemblance. Pero when I was in high school, my parents showed us a picture of our dad when he was around 7-10 yo and nacacaloca. Parang si CJ lang na nilagyan ng Instagram filter! Dahil dun naniwala na akong magkamukha sila hehehe.

Anway, my dad had to go home ASAP after the game since it was raining na pala. As in nagalit si Labuyo sa pagkatalo ng Pinas so habang lungkut-lungkutan ang peg ng mga tao sa arena, bagyo levels na pala sa labas. Hehehe. Ang ending…

Photograph-proof #52 that we look like each other. Hindi made-deny ang pagiging magkakapatid.

Dinner for 5-6 people finished by 3. Hahaha. I don’t know but a lot of our bonding moments happen while eating. Siguro kasi sa bahay bawal tumayo ng dining table until everyone is done eating. At masarap naman talaga kumain, lalo na kung ang sarap din ng kain ng mga kasama mo!

I hope that when we get to have our own families, we’d still continue having Sundays or whataver day of the week as Family Days. 🙂

Straight and Curly

My mother’s hair is naturally curly but I thank God that I never inherited her type of hair (sorry mamee hehe). For the longest time since college, I would have my hair rebonded and let it grow long for about a year then have it chemically-treated again. It went on like that for about 4 years I think. I like that I only have to comb my hair twice, after taking a bath and before I go to sleep. That’s it.

longMe and my long hair. The manang look. Clockwise from top left: Christmas 2007. April 2008. December 2009. Spiced it up a bit in December 2010 by putting on some bengs. Hehehe.

After years of the same hairstyle – yeah yeah girl problems I know hehe. June of last year, I decided to perm my hair. In short, while everybody else wanted super, long, straight black hair like those in commercials, I had mine curled. And I love it!!! Woohoo. Kaso, the truth is, mas high maintenance pala siya ng very slight kesa straight hair.

Well, having your hair rebonded or permed takes about the same time. Mga four hours. Shampoo-treatment-shampoo-treatment-shampoo repeat ’til sumakit na pwet mo sa pagupo.

Syempre kailangan may comparison ng hairlaloo so here’s me with curly hurr.

buhaghagTop pictures: June 2012, bagong kulot. October 2012 bagong gising buhaghag look.  Bottom 2 pictures: June 2013 bagsak na ang kulot oras nang ipaperm look. Pwede ding haggard look.

Anyare bakit biglang usapang hair? ‘Cause I saw this post from Buzzfeed:

True naman that there are pros and cons. But I can’t speak for everyone since hindi nga natural yung sa akin. Anway, I totally agree with the posts hehehe.

Yah. Agree ako since a lot of people just have normal straight hair, mas bongga ang attention ng mga kulots.  Ever since I had my hair permed, everybody wants to touch it.The problem is I don’t like it when people touch my hair. Like, bakit?? Diba. Tapos yung iba susuklayin pa, eh hindi siya dapat sinusuklay!!!

Kung dati twice a day ako nagsusuklay, ngayon – hindi na. Hehehe. Yes. Hindi po ako nagsusuklay. Sabi din kasi nung hairdresser mas mabilis bababa ang kulot if you comb it. So kung may plano kang magpakulot, pagisipan mong mabuti kung kaya ng katauhan mong huwag magsuklay – ever. Pero for those with naturally curly hair, I’m sure combing and/or not combing it is different.

Dahil sa aking curls, madalas akong mapagkamalang Korean, or Chinese. Kebs lang naman. Funny experience kapag nagugulat sila na na-Maling Akala pala sila hehehe.

This part I seriously love. Kebs sa pagpapatuyo, iron or blow-dry ng hair. After maligo, I just put on some mousse and I’m all set! Again, no need for suklay. Which goes hand in hand with this next pro:

No special treatment needed. Bongga ang curls kahit sang direction siya magpunta go! No need to worry about fly-away hair.

Pero hindi naman every day is a great hair day.bun

Like this. Pro: different curly looks depending on how you style your hair while wet. Depends if you blow/air dry it also. Con: minsan gusto mo na lang talaga siya itali para matapos na. Hahaha.

Eto trulalu ng very strong. I get to save on shampoo but ubos pera sa conditioner and mousse. Ang bilis pa naman maubos ng mousse.
summerIn fairness naman haven’t tried using my hair as a scarf, pero true ang hassle sa mukha ‘pag summer time. I rarely put my hair in a bun, again, because mabilis mawawala ang kulot if I do that so ganyan din ang ichura ko ‘pag mainit na, hehehe. Ganun talaga, magtiis, hehehe.

BTW, the pictures plus the complete list of PROs and CONs are here:

Sabi nga sa commercial, “Have a happy hair day!”.


Opportunity, Sexiness and Living Life

Today’s inspiration especially when you don’t feel like going to work and when you feel like giving up. Or when you don’t know what to do with your life.

Thank you Ashton Kutcher for this very inspiring speech.

1. Opportunity
Opportunity looks a lot like hard work.
I was just always lucky to have a a job.
Every job I have is a stepping stone to my next job. I never quit my job until I have my next job. So opportunity looks a lot like work.

2. Being Sexy
The sexiest thing in the entire world, is being really smart. And being thoughtful. And being generous. Everything else, is crap.

3. Living Life
Realize one simple thing: that everything around us, that we call life, was made up by people no smarter than you. You can build your own life that other people can live in.

“Build a life. Don’t live one. Find your opportunity. And always be sexy.”


Friends are Family You Choose

So my last post was almost 3 months ago. Haha. Real life has been sort of a roller coaster and I’ve been too busy with a lot of things so there. Anyway, the big announcement *drum rolls please* Ivan and I are no longer together. So yun ang big reveal and reason why I have not been posting anything here. Hahaha. Well we broke up a bit of a long time ago so there was the solitary part and the acceptance and the moving on part, hahaha. But no, I have no plans of removing old posts with him on it, because that would be too much of a hassle and too bitter, hehe. People are still shocked to hear about us not being together anymore simply because I chose to share it only with my extremely close friends. Anyway, life goes on. If you want to know the story, I’m willing to share it with you, but I want free beers, and you have to get me drunk too. Lol.

The thing with breakups is that everybody in your circle gets affected. When we broke up, very few friends knew about it. But life is really 6 degrees of separation. Friends of friends of friends will hear about it and next thing you know, people you are not really close with will come to you and ask you if the story is true. Well, as they say, gossip makes the world go ’round. More than the breakup, what I felt really sad about is the fact that he no longer talks to our conjugal friends. It’s like he closed his entire universe to all of these great, loving people, most of them he has been friends with longer than me. My point is, people in a relationship may breakup and never talk to each other again but your true friends are always there to stay. So dapat no FO diba? (that’s Friendship Over, not F***k Off, or pwede din, lol)

It was easy for me to let go and move on simply because I have the most awesome friends ever. My work family has been there the entire time I felt like a baby, hehe. There will always be someone asking me if I had lunch already, and I even have a constant breakfast buddy. Actually, they have been using the breakup as an excuse to go out and drink after work, hahaha. My college buddies are also the greatest. They made me realize a lot of things and they were the ones who took me to 2 consecutive out of town trips that made everything really awesome. And of course, my BGFF (best gay friend forever) is seriously the BEST. Joewa has been there for me the entire time. From the drama modes to me being happy again. My siblings on the other hand, now hates him, hahaha. Anyway, whatever floats their boat I guess.

My message is clear and simple, make sure that you choose your friends wisely. I’m pretty confident I did. 🙂

Catching Up

The lack of posts is not because I am on some posh island having the summer time of my life (I wish!!). There really are just a lot of things on my plate right now and sometimes, even going to the internet seems like such an awful task. I know, I know. What happened right hehehe. Well, work has been hell the past few weeks. And my personal life has not been that fun lately.

This is what has been keeping me sane, or insane the last 2-3 weeks. Work life has been super toxic that watching the series is one of the things I look forward to during my rest days.

I bought the first 2 seasons then immediately got hooked I bought everything else. And yes, I am done and waiting for the next season. While waiting, I am thinking of other series to waste my time on. This was 2 weeks ago when I decided to go to MCS (Makati Cinema Square) to buy more dvds. I ended up buying a new phone case, a Chelsea Handler book from one of the biggest Book Sale ever and some coffee.

This was the long weekend for me during Holy Week. My entire family was at home enjoying my mom’s cooking while I was stuck in the city all alone in our condo unit reading.

Black Saturday was my sister’s birthday. And I was so inggit to see that the entire family was together, with cakes and tons of food and a swimming parteeey. Huhuhu. Sayang. I know I was invited except I can’t come because I have work. That is why I am never a fan of Sunday-Monday rest days eh. Anyway, huwag na magreklamo okay.

Forgive me. I don’t really do selfie shots a lot, this is just one of the very few times I feel like doing it hehe. This is how I look like before going to sleep. Wala lang.

It was my friend’s wedding last Saturday and we were all dolled up for it. It’s very seldom to see all of us with make-up on and brushed hair. We don’t normally do that hehehe. I’m still waiting for the video and the pictures to be posted so that I can share more of the wedding with you guys.

Anyway, I’m still feeling a little under the weather right now so I’m really sorry for this boring post. As soon as I sort things out and I become all right I’ll write something better. 🙂 In the meantime, you can follow me on instagram @melaitot to see more of what’s happening and what I’m up to. 😉