Hello, 2017!

Here I go again! Stopped posting for an entire quarter and now I’m back to post my 2017 goals, lolol. I don’t really have a lot, I just want to put in a few and stick to it.

First up, I want to read more. Every year, I tell myself that I should read at least 1 book per month but I end up wasting so much time on FB and IG instead of actually reading books. I was browsing my old photos in 2014 and 2015 and I saw how much I read during those times compared to last year. I have soo many books that it feels like I am just collecting them instead of actually reading! So, for 2017, I will read more books.

Read so much more in 2014

Last night, while talking to my GBF (gay best friend), we were talking about places we want to visit this year. Obviously, there are soooo many places I want to go this year. But, Joewa said the goal this year is to stop going to mainstream travel places (oo, may ganon). And, I totally agree. So, this year, ang mga travel goals ay Myanmar, Laos, Batanes, Nepal, Bhutan, mga ganyan. Realistically, Hanoi is on my list this year. Sana.

2014. This was in Vietnam’s Mui Nhe Fishing Village, a place not everyone gets to visit when in HCMC

I also want to start being healthy again. 2013 and 2014 I guess was the time I felt the healthiest. I remember I started running almost on a daily basis, until I decided to go to the gym, almost daily also. Now, I do nothing!!! Ay, I do a lot of eating pala, and nothing to make myself healthy.

I read an article last week that says successful people spend at least 5 hours per day doing three things: reading, reflecting and experimenting. So, pasok na sa goals ko ang read more books. For reflecting, I have a journal that I *hope* I will be able to write into regularly, and for experimenting, hindi ko pa alam. Maybe go back  to learning a new language: French. I downloaded an app last year and I already know a few French words tapos tinamad ako. Realistic naman lahat ng goals ko, kailangan ko lang tigilan ang pagiging tamad.

And last, mag-blog. Sobrang tamad ko eh.

<3, Melai


Not Really Busy, Just a Little Lazy

The biggest culprit of why it took me another long while to post is Pokemon Go. Hahaha. Yes, I downloaded it on the first day it went live in the Philippines and I dragged my siblings to come and walk around wherever we can to get as much Pokemons as possible, hahaha. My brother has been a fan ever since he was little, so he’s like our walking Pokedex, hehehe. My siblings and I have lunch dates during weekends just so we can go to a mall and get more Pokemons.:D But, just like any game, it can get boring too. I guess you really have to go to a LOT of places to get more monsters.


I’m still stuck at level 21, but, I got to own a gym for a good 10 minutes, lol.

One good thing that’s coming out of the Pokemon hunting is that we keep on going to different malls around the metro and eat (of course).

We went to Megamall one weekend to check out Mac Center’s super sale plus catch Pokemons. It was a bit of a waste because it felt like the entire population of iPhone users went to the sale and there weren’t any new Pokemons there. Good thing the food at Ooma was great!

We also went to Greenbelt during the first weekend Pokemon hit big, where all malls I think has lure parties. Having late lunch while catching Pokemons, and some gelato after:


Before, we used to always take a car anywhere we go. But now, the deal is to just walk so we can catch more and more Pokemons, hahaha. And so while walking, I finally got to see one of the famous “Why” around town.

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One thing I tried to do was be a little artsy. And so, I did this, and failed miserably:


I didn’t even try finishing it!! Hahaha. Obviously, this recreational activity is so not for me.

While thinking of what to put in this post, I just finished watching the second season of Narcos. If you don’t know what it is, Google it! And watch it! It really is one of the best right now and it’s just 10 episodes per season so it’s not going to take up too much of your time! 😀

Last Sunday, my siblings and I finally got matching tattoos of our parents’ names. I never really thought that it would hurt as much as it did. I mean, it’s a tolerable kind of pain, but it is still painful. Newfound awesomeness to people with massive tattoos on their bodies!


Our parents don’t know about this yet and we have no idea how they’re going to react so.. not really excited to go home this weekend. Hahahaha.

And of course, we ate after!


What Have I Been Up To

So, there are a lot of boring stuff that I have been up to for the last few weeks (does not include any form of exercise).

Snapchat is currently my selfie obsession. I love the filters!

Like, seriously.


It’s like my daily dose of stupid selfies, but I love it! Hehe.

Of course, majority of the time, it’s all about food.


It doesn’t really help that my siblings and I love to eat and that we also have friends who give us tons of good food.

It has been a while since I last had Nerds and Pop-tarts so when I had the chance to buy them, I made sure it’s gonna last for at least a week – and congrats to me because it did! 😀

Of course, more food! It also always happen that when my brother’s friends give him food, I am usually the first one to discover. Because I love opening the fridge and that’s where the free food usually is. My siblings actually hate that I love eating other people’s food. I believe that food inside the fridge is always considered for sharing. Hehehe.


On a healthier note (wow ha), my daily goal is to drink as much water as I can. It’s automatic that once I finish the entire tumbler, I have to pee. So the plan is to finish 5 of this everyday. It’s a 750ml water bottle that my friend from the US gave, so thank you!

I’m also trying my best to finish a book, but that’s on top of playing games on my ipad and watching Netflix. So I don’t know about you, but my last few weeks has really been busy! 😀

My Lasik Experience

For the past two weeks, my sister and I have been going back and forth to Shinagawa Lasik in Enterprise Tower here in Makati. A few weeks back, we saw a promo about the Lasik procedure being offered by Shinagawa for more than half of its advertised price. My mom had been bugging us to inquire and ask about the procedure and even telling us that she was willing to pay for all three of us just to make sure we get to see clearly again without having to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, hehe.

Let’s get this out of the way first. Their customer service isn’t one of the best. My siblings and I agree that other restaurants have better service than them. We were there the first time at around 1 in the afternoon. You would think that an initial screening to check if you qualify for the procedure or not will take a maximum of two hours – because that’s what most blogs would say. We went home at around 7pm. The initial screening started at around 2pm already. Don’t get me wrong, there really were a lot of tests. I mean you will have to go from one machine to another to check how your eyes are doing and how qualified you are for the procedure. Then, you are given a dilating solution 3x in the next 15 minutes (5 min. interval). The solution will take effect after an hour before another test is done on your eyes. Just a reminder, the dilating solution hurts. It’s a tolerable kind of pain but there will be a stinging sensation once they put it in your eyes. That’s going to happen three times by the way. And then you have to wait another hour afterwards. So my sister and I had lunch first before heading back, hoping it will be more quick afterwards. For whatever reason, we had to wait for a veeery long time after the solution was given and before the doctor checked the results and told us about our eyes being qualified. The entire day even happened twice because in my case, I had to go back for the dilating solution because I wear contact lenses. If you wear them and you have plans of having your eyes checked, you need to stop wearing them for at least 3 days. They say this is to make sure the tests are more accurate because there are residues in your eyes when wearing lenses.

We had our procedure scheduled at 2pm. Or that’s what we thought. My sister and I had brunch before leaving our place and even though we had been waiting the entire day during our first two check-ups, we both thought that as an expectation, there should be no delay when it comes to the actual lasik procedure itself. We were both so wrong. They called up our names at around 4pm to go to the waiting room. I thought that this will then be over by 5pm because the operation itself will take about 25 minutes. But no. At the waiting room, we literally waited for another 2 and a half more hours before we were actually led into the procedure room. It was already bad that you were there hungry and scared starting 2pm, then at the waiting room itself you had to wait for two more hours. According to the other patients in the room, some were there since 12noon. Really, I know that we paid for it at about half of the advertised price, but man, what we paid for still isn’t cheap. The least they can do is to provide updates every once in a while on what is actually happening instead of just making us wait, hungry and confused as to what’s taking it so long to start.

Just to set the expectations here, the actual procedure is scary, for me. Maybe because the procedure room’s temperature is also really cold or I am just really scared with how it will all go down, hehe. They tape your eyelids and put something in it to make sure you don’t blink no matter how involuntarily it happens. Then your eyes are like washed (felt like a cold wave of water), I guess to sterilize it. Then they ask you to look into that green blinking dot and that’s when the operation starts. The blinking dot will disappear and you will not see anything anymore. The machine then gets taken out and you see the doctor scooping out or re-arranging something in your eye. The machine goes back to your eye and you will start smelling like something is burning – which might be the actual laser itself. Then it’s over. Repeat the same thing for the other eye. Please not that this is how I literally experienced it and I don’t really have any idea how or what the medical terms are or how long really each step takes. These are just based off on how I perceive them to be.


Yes, the actual procedure does not hurt. But they never said that it will hurt afterwards. They give you a kit with drops to put in for the next 7 days together with glasses you are supposed to wear as long as you are awake for the next 7 days also. But let me just repeat, they never say anything about it actually hurting a good 30 minutes after the procedure is done.

My sister could barely open her eyes 30 minutes after her procedure (she went in first). I was still okay here. We had takeout for dinner and here is evidence on how stupid we looked like while eating.


My brother is scheduled two weeks from now (contingency plan since we can’t be temporarily blind all together) and we asked him to turn off the lights because our eyes were hurting already. My sister could no longer open her eyes and they were hurting so bad she wanted to drink the pain reliever even without eating first. The tears were so involuntary – which according to one of the doctors said it was normal because once our eyes know that something is wrong (in this case it figured out the eyes were opened and lasered), it automatically produces tears to disinfect the eyes and provide nutrients and make sure it does not dry itself out.

Before sleeping, you have to put these patches in your eyes to make sure you don’t touch them while asleep. This again, you have to do for 7 days after the procedure. So imagine trying to fall asleep after the procedure with these in your hurting eyes with tears running down your face which you cannot wipe of, because you are wearing these. Bummer. Seriously, it was hurting like having sore eyes but 10x more painful. The good thing about it is it does not last long. The next day, my right eye still hurt a little but just a piercing every now and then. The great thing about it is that you can already feel the difference. I used to have to literally not see myself in the mirror when I wake up but everything was so clear without glasses!!! It was a different feeling waking up without glasses but still being able to see everything so clearly!!!

The day after the procedure, you need to have your eyes checked. I guess that is the most crucial to ensure everything will heal the proper way. The check-ups will be as follow: 1 day after, 7 days after, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year after. By the way, I guess Shinagawa is very consistent with making people wait because we were there before 11am just to be sure we were the early birds. We were actually the first two patients for check-up that day. Then my brother started with his own screening. We had lunch while waiting for his dilating solution to take effect. We were told the doctor will be in by 230pm but our names were called at around 4pm. So I guess you cant have everything? You get it for a cheaper rate but you need to have the patience for it? We actually inquired at American Eye Institute but their rate is much more higher than Shinagawa. So I guess the decision will really be up to you on which you prefer, to shell out money or to exercise patience? Haha. All in all, this was an experience and currently the number 1 on my list of the scariest thing to happen in my life, haha. At the end of it all, I’m happy. I’m so happy about really being able to see clearly!! ;D

New Year and Resolutions

New Year is always the perfect time to reflect on plans and dreams and goals. And just like a lot of people, I always have my list as well. They say that writing it down and visualizing it makes it easier in terms of doing it and making it happen.

This year, here are the things I hope to consistently do:

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  • Exercise. The problem with me is that I can never remain consistent with this. There would be moments when I would run at least twice a week, or go to the gym almost everyday, but when I stop, you won’t even see my shadow near the gym for a good two or three months. That’s how crazy my routine is. This year, I hope to really be more consistent in not just exercising but in actually being more healthy. I know for a fact that I have already established good sleeping habits (I am asleep at 10 in the evening) but that shouldn’t be the end all of ‘how to be healthy’. I’m pretty sure I need to slow down on sweets and actually be more picky with the type of food I eat. Also, I have blood clot on my brain and I don’t want to die early!


  • Go to church. My place is just 1 ride away from he nearest church and I want to start going more. Going weekly is surely great. Don’t get me wrong, I pray to God as much as I can but I also know that going to church won’t hurt. I mean, Don Bosco Church is my favorite since I have always gone there during my saddest and happiest moments. And I want to start coming to church more without any reason aside from because I want to, not because I need something answered.
  • Blog more. My goal is to at least post something on a weekly basis. We all have a lot of stories to tell, but I really hope that this year is the year that I will finally be able to share my stories starting 2013 (because there are a loooot).
  • Read more. Every year, I always put this in my list. To read at least 1 book per week, or month I guess, haha. My problem is: Me. There’s social media, there’s Netflix, there’s forgetting everything and just sleep. There’s just so many useless stuff to read and watch in the wonderful world wide web that eats up a lot of my time! See, entirely my fault, haha.


  • Save more, travel more. I guess this is pretty self-explanatory. I mean I have a separate savings account (which I call my travel fund) from where I get money for all my travel needs. Because why the hell would you not have one, jk.

On another note, if there’s one thing that I hope to happen this year, I hope I get to find that one person I would travel the whole wide world with. Because, who wouldn’t want that? ❤

Today’s Reminder

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Saw this while walking in Ueno, Tokyo during my trip to Japan last December 2015. Because there will be days when you will feel like a piece of crap. There will be days when you don’t want to get up and there will be days when you just want to hate on people. There has to be a reminder that Life is beautiful! ❤