Hello, 2017!

Here I go again! Stopped posting for an entire quarter and now I’m back to post my 2017 goals, lolol. I don’t really have a lot, I just want to put in a few and stick to it.

First up, I want to read more. Every year, I tell myself that I should read at least 1 book per month but I end up wasting so much time on FB and IG instead of actually reading books. I was browsing my old photos in 2014 and 2015 and I saw how much I read during those times compared to last year. I have soo many books that it feels like I am just collecting them instead of actually reading! So, for 2017, I will read more books.

Read so much more in 2014

Last night, while talking to my GBF (gay best friend), we were talking about places we want to visit this year. Obviously, there are soooo many places I want to go this year. But, Joewa said the goal this year is to stop going to mainstream travel places (oo, may ganon). And, I totally agree. So, this year, ang mga travel goals ay Myanmar, Laos, Batanes, Nepal, Bhutan, mga ganyan. Realistically, Hanoi is on my list this year. Sana.

2014. This was in Vietnam’s Mui Nhe Fishing Village, a place not everyone gets to visit when in HCMC

I also want to start being healthy again. 2013 and 2014 I guess was the time I felt the healthiest. I remember I started running almost on a daily basis, until I decided to go to the gym, almost daily also. Now, I do nothing!!! Ay, I do a lot of eating pala, and nothing to make myself healthy.

I read an article last week that says successful people spend at least 5 hours per day doing three things: reading, reflecting and experimenting. So, pasok na sa goals ko ang read more books. For reflecting, I have a journal that I *hope* I will be able to write into regularly, and for experimenting, hindi ko pa alam. Maybe go back  to learning a new language: French. I downloaded an app last year and I already know a few French words tapos tinamad ako. Realistic naman lahat ng goals ko, kailangan ko lang tigilan ang pagiging tamad.

And last, mag-blog. Sobrang tamad ko eh.

<3, Melai


Book Addicts

Last Sunday, while I was eating my ass off in Baguio, my sister went to the annual book sale of Fully Booked (or was it Power Books?). Well, my sister and I share not only clothes (yes, our closets are extensions of each other’s, but that’s another story), but our love for books as well. We both love going to book sales and looking for books to buy, and read in the future. To tell you honestly, we have so sooo many books at home and here in our condo and tons of them we have not even read yet (not to mention the books I have downloaded online). I personally feel like having a panic attack whenever I see books on sale, because you never know if you will get to have another chance of buying that book you want for a much cheaper price! Truth! Hahaha. A few weeks back, I dropped by National Bookstore and saw new books that I have plans of reading and coveting. I took pictures and sent it to my sister. Come Sunday, she was able to buy almost all of the books I sent! Hallelujah! Not only that, but she also bought an adult coloring book for me, which would be another hobby I am more likely to start enthusiastically and then forget for months before starting at it again. 😀 Cheers to all the book lovers!