Travel Tales: Tacloban



It was a short trip but I loved every minute of it especially the whole day in Kalanggaman because I missed the beach so much!

Pictures are all dark and gloomy because it was raining the entire day


Seeing the San Juanico bridge in real life is one of the highlights for me because I grew up reading about it in history books, and now I got to see it with my own two eyes!



This is another highlight. When I was a kid, I always see this photo in my history books, and in postcards that we use for our school projects. I always thought that it would be the same height as regular people. Turns out that these statues are huuuge! Double my size! Amazing!


After the bridge and the landing, we headed on to Santo Nino Shrine, the place Imelda Marcos built as the Romualdez ancestral home. It looks like any ordinary house outside, but in reality, it’s one of the grandest old houses I have ever seen in my life. I don’t know why it’s called a shrine, eh mansion sya, mansion!!



The place is humongous. You can see the grandness of the place even though it’s almost as old as me (I think). Chandeliers made of pure nara, cabinets from China, walls of leather made in Italy, paintings, vases from all over the world. As in. Malungkot lang yung part na hindi naingatan yung buong place. Sayang kasi soobrang naluluma lang lahat and the caretakers are not doing a great job of actually taking care of the place.


Another interesting thing I saw at the shrine/mansion are these paper bills on display from BPI from 1912. Galeng!

We also dropped by the Yolanda Memorial site. Scary siya for me because behind the memorial you will see that people have decided to live there again.. Hmmm.

By 3pm, we decided it was time to wrap it up and head to Palompon, the town nearest to Kalanggaman Island. The travel time takes about 2-3 hours by van, and vans are not available 24 hours, so it would be best to know what the last trip for the day is.

One thing to take note of when traveling to a place that is not as touristy as Boracay, or Coron, is that restaurants are already closed at 8 in the evening. We have been walking for a good 10-15 minutes pero lahat ng kainan sarado na huhu. As in, we thought we will end up eating food from Mercury Drug (kasi yun na lang ang bukas, lol). Buti na lang, while walking, we saw this cute hipstery restaurant. Actually, sarado na sila. But I think naawa sila samin so even if they were already closed and just waiting for the people to finish eating, pinapasok nila kami with the condition that the only thing we can order are their pasta dishes. Keri!

The next day was Kalanggaman day. We headed to their tourist information and we were told that a boat, regardless of the number of passengers is 3000php. Lucky for us, there were 2 more couples who are going to the island that day. So we just decided to take one boat and share the boat ride. Since Kalanggaman is only starting to get buzz now, they do not have packages like the ones in Coron or El Nido where food is included. You need to bring your own food to the island. Importante yan so remember!!


I love the beach and I will take every opportunity to go to one any time I can. Hope I get to see more beaches this year!


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