Travel Tales: Baler


Aside from La Union, Baler is another place that is great for surfing. I have only been to Baler twice, but I loved both of the experiences that I had. The first time I was there, we took a bus from Cubao straight to Baler. The second was during Christmas season. I would suggest to take a private car instead of taking the bus, as it is more convenient especially when going back to Manila. We found out that the last trip from Baler back to Manila leaves at around 10 in the morning. So, if you want more time on your hands, best to take a car with you, or maybe take one of those package tours.

Of course, everybody needs to have a photo here:



Another touristy spot is the Balete Tree:



We also dropped by the museum, which is right next to the Baler sign:


Going to Ditumabo Falls is its own experience. It was really easy during the first time I went there, maybe because it was summer and there was no tide at all.


Unfortunately, because of a typhoon, the rock with the sign was nowhere to be found when we were there last Christmas. Also, the trek was so much scarier since the water was pretty high and there were no bridges for crossing because of the recent typhoon. The locals even said that the day after Christmas (which was the day we were there) was the first day the Falls were opened to the public after almost a week of nonstop rain.

Because of the scary trek, this is the best photo I have of the falls, hahahha:


Kita naman yung falls diba? Okay na yan, may ebidensya.

Aside from actually surfing, my other favorite Baler spot is the hanging bridge. It’s really scary for me, like suuper scary, but the view is fantastic. And, it makes for great photos, lol.


I’m not really sure why I don’t have any photos of me failing at surfing, hahaha. I guess that means that I enjoyed? 😀


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