Clean Those Shoes

So, we all have those shoes that we can’t stop wearing until the time we get a replacement or until we forget about them. I have a lot. Like, I just remember about it once I do a general cleaning or once I see my sister or my mother wearing it, hahaha. I have an upcoming trip this October and there will be a looooot of walking. I don’t want to wear open-toe sandals because to be honest, it’s not the most comfy. And so, all of sudden I saw myself looking for my old shoes. Old, usable, a little dirty but definitely comfy for an entire day of walking.

I have these red and white Adidas since 2003. They are definitely making a comeback today but I don’t really want to buy new shoes just because I’m going on a trip. My problem is, the soles are all yellow because of the many years of use and being trapped inside a closet. These are really comfy and I want to bring this on my trip.


Another thing I suddenly remember having are my pair of Toms. I’ve had it since 2011? My mom has been using them for the last few months, until yesterday when I saw it again. They are also really comfy and a lot of travelers have this because it’s also lightweight. The only issue here is that it’s too dirty, hehehe.


First one, the Toms. Really easy to clean. I used water, liquid detergent, an old toothbrush, and viola! Doesn’t look brand new but definitely looks clean and very much usable.


The white Adidas is another story. According to the many suggestions over the internet, the most common and effective would be water, baking soda, detergent, and some hydrogen peroxide. I guess my problem is, the soles are giving an extremely ugly yellow vibe, haha. The internet concoction worked a little. I got tired after brushing the soles for about 30 minutes. I gave up already actually. Until I decided to why not just literally use bleach and see if it works. If it doesn’t, then I’m not bringing it. If it works, good job to me! Hahaha. And guess what happened next????


It actually worked!!! It took me almost an hour brushing the soles and praying to the shoe gods to remove those ugly stains and the answer was simply bleach!!!


Before and after comparison:

Moral of the story: if all else fails, try bleach. Just make sure you’re using it for white shoes okay, hahaha.


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