Travel Tales: Hong Kong 2014, Day 3

Travel Tales (3)

One more place we wanted to go to was the Lam Tsuen wishing tree. We tried hard to research on how to get there, since according to the mighty internet, it’s a bit far from the city center.

As always, before heading out for the day, we walked around our hotel to look for a place to eat. This was breakfast.

Somewhere in HK after breakfast and before taking our train ride.

train ride to the middle of nowhere

HK train station signs is a favorite.

After a long train ride, we finally reached a mall, and we would have to take a bus to get to the wishing tree. But before any of that..

pineapple buns

So, nakakalito pumunta sa wishing trees. Buti nalang there are a lot of Pinoys in HK that made it a little easier for us to find out how to get there. Tapos, sorry na, but it was a little disappointing. Kasi naman fake yung wishing tree for public viewing. The actual tree is sooo old that they no longer allow people to actually throw wishes. You can offer your wishes and prayers, but no throwing. And throwing isn’t free. So, we just took pictures, haha.


Soooo, after that sad experience with the wishing tree (we didn’t get to make wishes, haha), we headed on to Central.

The great thing about Central is that since a lot of tourists visit the place, they have maps all around the area so it would be easier for people to figure out where to go, especially if they get lost, like us. ๐Ÿ˜€

lost somewhere in Central


We went to a nearby KFC to eat, and take advantage of their free WiFi, hahaha.

chicken and egg tart

The thing I love about HK’s KFC is that they offer egg tarts with your meal!!! I don’t know if there’s another country that does that, ang cool diba!!

We decided to take the cable car to go around Central, since it costs just 1HKD, and it really is a good way to see the city!

second floor

It got a little crowded in during rush hour, but we were lucky to experience it during off-peak hours, or else, we wouldn’t have photos to show we got to ride it!


We were thinking of going to Victoria Peak, but since we have all been there before, we three just decided to go around Lan Kwai Fong area.



got a little obsessed with j.crew before so we dropped by


Lan Kwai Fong comes alive at around 7-8 in the evening. That’s usually when all of the expats and locals are done with work and drop by the area to have a few drinks. We went to a bar and had a few drinks as well, before walking around again. Wala yata kami ginawa kundi umikot lang ng umikot hahahha.

pizza before heading back

We took the ferry on our way back to our hotel, which cost about 2 HKD. And for that small amount, you get to see the beautiful harbor of HK and the buildings with its many colorful lights and Xmas decors.

Because it was December, there were sooo many places with great Xmas light decorations.


And that’s a wrap for Day 3!



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