Travel Tales: Hong Kong 2014, Day 2

Travel Tales (3)

The agenda for our second day was visit the Ngong Ping and Tai-O Village in Lantau Island. It doesn’t make sense to wake up really early in the morning because aside from the cold weather, most establishments open between 9-10 AM.

We didn’t want to have breakfast at McDonald’s so we looked for a local fast food chain, and this is what I had:


That’s egg, and chicken. And it wasn’t bad.

After our train ride and a few walks, we finally reached the station for our cable car ride on our way to the village. The ride, I have to say, is an experience on its own. It is a little scary, and during the entire ride to the island, my friends and I would joke about what would happen in case there was an accident, like our cabin falling off, hahaha. That’s why I don’t understand why some will even want to get crystal cabins – those with clear bottoms where you can literally feel like you’re falling? Hahaha.

start of the ride = no scary feelings yet
not knowing how to feel
start to imagine crazy things
on our way to the top


There are stalls for food around the area in case you get hungry. In our case, we were not hungry. We just wanted to try them out. 😀


Aside from the Big Buddha, there’s also the Po Lin Monastery just a few blocks away.



After a hundred photos, we decided to go to the nearby Tai-O Village. It’s a tiny fishing village about 20 minutes away from Ngong Ping. All you have to do is take one of the buses from Ngong Ping going to Tai-O. I guess you just have to make sure that you have enough time to go around the village and head back to Ngong Ping since the last call for the cable cars back to the city is around 6pm.

Tai-O Village for me is a very beautiful place. It’s an old place run by a lot of old people. But I guess that’s why it’s sooo charming.


It feels like being transported back to the time when there were no cellphones, no internet, and people only have to worry about much simpler things.

There are also a lot of stalls around the area where you can buy snacks, or even buy sun-dried stuff.. like so.


And when I say sun-dried, they literally dry it using the sun!! Laveet!



These are their houses. Almost all of the houses in the village look like these. It’s like walking in an amusement park with made up doll houses, amazing!! Hahaha. Aliw na aliw talaga ako!

taking a break



After a couple of amazing hours in Tai-O and about a hundred more photos later, we then went back to Ngong Ping Village to take the cable car back to the city. My favorite part is obviously the fishing village. I love everything about it!!! I would go back to HK just to see Tai-O again!

For dinner, we headed over to one of HK’s night market – not to buy pasalubong or anything. Just to look for place to eat ;D

And food we found!



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