Travel Tales: Hong Kong 2014, The First 24 Hours

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As a yearly tradition, I travel for my birthday. And in 2014, my friends and I decided to go back to Hong Kong. Because why not! We’ve been there for my birthday last 2012 but there are just so many things to see and do in Hong Kong and we didn’t really mind going back to a place we have been to before. Just like in 2012, we got to HK via Macau. Since the tickets are definitely cheaper,ย as well as to do a day tour in Macau before heading home.

We booked our flight a little late in the -ber months so the cheapest ones we got was around php4000 to php5000. Still not bad considering it was almost Christmas season (my birthday’s in December). I would have to say this trip was an epic one! We just had so much fun,ย right from the time we landed at the airport. The original plan was to go to the city center, have our money changed, eat dinner, then go around the casino hotels and then take the earliest ferry from Macau to HK – because morning ferries are cheaper VS night-time ferries.

And because it sounded so great, we all decided to just have our money changed in Macau (Tip: never leave your country without having at least enough local currency for emergencies). Even though there was an open money changer at the airport, we literally left the airport (both Manila and Macau) with nothing except our Php money. We arrived Macau at around 11 in the evening. It’s true, a lot of casino hotels offer free shuttle service from the airport to their respective hotels, with some buses even offering free Wi-Fi.

Posing in the middle of the airport parking waiting for a shuttle

So, we took on of the buses that will bring us to a casino hotel, thinking that from the hotel, there will be a bus route that will then take us to the city, and from the city, we can have our money changed. The problem was, there were no hotel buses going off to the city that time. Also, even if there was, no money changer will be open at that time. So, there we were, in the middle of the night, hungry, dead-tired, with money we can’t use. So, we though about going inside the hotel and try our luck. The good news was, there was a money changing kiosk. The bad news was, they do not accept php.

At the hotel lobby figuring out our next step

Okay, so ang next loser plan of attack was to just head straight to the port hoping we can have our money changed there. Meron nga, sarado naman!!! Hahaha. So, the losers that we are, spent the night at the port. No money, hungry, almost dying of the cold – it was December and it was so cold and there’s wind!! All three of us looked for a place, uuh, cold chair to sleep on. Ang kawawa ng look namin as in. Kakaawa ng malala. Buti na lang, si Joewa may dalang Rebisco. Like isang pack. So, our very first dinner in Macau was – Rebisco choco sandwich. Bongga diba! Hahaha.

Anyway, at around 4 in the morning, my butt was numb from the cold and from trying to sleep so I decided to walk around and saw that about 2 blocks away from the port was a small casino. Safe naman sya and guess what. Guess what!! May palitan ng pera! If we only discovered earlier, we could have had a decent dinner instead of Rebisco diba. Hahaha. Anyway, I went back to the port, called the two gays, had our money changed. At the hotel, we also met two Pinoys working who graciously gave us coffee and water after hearing about our sad, stupid story, hahaha.

Finally, the port was open and we got to our ferry. It took about less than an hour and then finally, we were in HK.

Finally inside the ferry

The good thing was our hotel was just walking distance from the port. Unfortunately, it was too early for check-in. So, we left our bags at the hotel, walked around and finally, at real food. Hahaha.

Our first real meal in HK

After eating, we walked around the area, spent time at a park and a mall, before heading back to our hotel to check-in. That was around 11 in the morning.

I forgot the name of the mall but seriously, this mall has like the best food court ever. Ever.

It was a good thing we were done eating or else we would have used up all of our funds for food, lol!

Cut to, 7pm tapos kakagising lang namin. Hahaha, sorry naman pagod at puyat kami! Lol. We went to their version of Hollywood Walk of Fame, strolled around and took pictures with one of the most famous scenery of HK, then walked around some more until we saw a place to have dinner.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Thank you random stranger for volunteering to take our photo

In HK, there are a lot of small fast food restos that offer authentic local food, but, when they say fast food, they mean fast food. Like, they will check if you are done eating, and if you are, then time to leave. Unlike us Pinoys na ang hilig tumambay at magchismisan na aabutin pa minsan ng ilang oras. Diba. Some would even reprimand you if you take photos of the food. Even if you have already paid for it. But I guess it’s just part of their culture. So no hard feelings. ๐Ÿ˜€

From some whole in wall fast food

After dinner, we just really walked around our hotel area without any actual plans. I guess we needed that downtime after a very challenging night in Macau. Haha.


We saw this stand that was selling egg tarts and pineapple buns, and the clueless me did not even know about pineapple buns until that time. At first I thought that it was made up of pineapple, hahaha. It’s not. It’s a soft, creamy pastry, where they put butter inside and the top is sugary. Masarap.


Are you like me that has a craving for cold food aka ice cream when the weather is almost freezing? Because, after seeing a 7-11 store, we actually bought ice creams. Hahaha.


That’s basically how our first 24 hours in Macau-HK. Not really uneventful, but still super fun! And that was just the first day! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


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