Travel Tales: Bangalore Food Trip

Travel Tales Bangalore

In 2013, I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Bangalore in India for work. I mean, all expenses paid from food, lodging, tickets, visa application, daily expenses, everything! India has always been part of my list of places to visit and to have that opportunity was the best way to end my 2013.

I have sooo many beautiful experiences in Bangalore, but for this post, I’ll focus into the different crazy/beautiful food that I got to see and taste and experience in Bangalore.

One of our go-to place to eat was the food court in a mall near our hotel. I never liked spicy food, but when I was in Bangalore, I had no choice but to learn to have more tolerance to it.


This is what I usually order when we eat at the food court (although minus the rice). The one in the middle is my favorite out of everything. It’s chicken… something. Haha. Sorry, I forgot what it’s called but it’s chicken and it’s not too spicy so it’s perfect for me.

My officemates and I were introduced to momos. That’s what it’s called in Bangalore but personally, I guess that’s their version of dumplings. We’ve been to two momos place in Bangalore and both of them are managed by locals from Tibet.

It’s seriously a legit place to get momos.

We tried all of their momos, beef, chicken, and vegetable and my favorite was the beef. The momos place for me is their version of Chinese fastfood restos, and that’s why for the entire two months we were there, we would mostly go during the weekends.

There were a lot of firsts in Bangalore. Though not Indian, I first got to try peri-peri chicken there.

I guess the best part about the first time experience was that it was at Nando’s, which from what I know is somewhat a famous place for peri-peri chicken! Yay!

I guess my only regret was that I never went back, so up until now, and it’s 2016 already, I have never tried any other place that offers peri-peri chicken. Lucky Nando’s! Lol.

Before I proceed, let me share with you the cakes that I got on my birthday! Yep, I celebrated my birthday in Bangalore. Every year, since 2011, I decided that the best way to celebrate my birthday was to just book a trip somewhere. In 2013, my GBF (gay best friend) and I originally planned on going to Hanoi. We already had a one-way ticket booked (was waiting for another seat sale for the return ticket), but we had to cancel because I was going to India. So, that year, I celebrated my birthday in India 🙂

Another place my office mates and I absolutely loved was Barbecue Nation. It’s another resto at the mall near us that offers unlimited barbecue!!!! Like, literally, you get all the barbecue that you want. Not just beef but they have chicken and fish and shrimp as well. How it works is that you have a flag that you put in your table and they will continuously bring barbecue to grill at your table until the time you decide to put the flag down. Amazing, right!!!

We so loved the concept that we were there for both Christmas and New Year’s, haha.

One thing that I just can’t like as much as I want to (and I’m really sorry!!!) are the mouth fresheners. It’s like gum, you have it after all the food that you eat, to I guess neutralize the smell of the food? It’s tastes like toothpaste but not quite. It’s very difficult to describe the taste, basta, it’s weird!

And based on what we saw while doing the groceries, there are a lot to choose from. India, I love you but sorry, I just can’t with the mouth fresheners. :C

Our Indian hosts has been nothing but accommodating and hospitable and sincerely nice to us, and they even brought us to one of the bars in Bangalore. It was where I started going to bars whenever I go out of the country, just to experience how different the bars are in each place.

I’ve always thought that I have high tolerance for alcohol, but everything went down the drain when we tried their local beer, the Kingfisher. I swear. It was the worst feeling ever – to be drunk in a foreign place on Christmas day, hahaha. But well, hashtag charge to experience!

Another amazing thing about Bangalore is the tons of sweets that they have. I don’t know if this is true for the entire country, but they have soooo many sweets that I stopped counting and just took pictures of them all, lol!

I tried a few of them but I guess it’s true what they say about ‘acquired taste’, I din’t really liked most of them. I mean, I’m fine with just trying and knowing what it tastes like but not really something that will become my favorite.

Would I try them again, given the chance? The thing is, I am such a picky eater that there are a loot of fruits that I don’t eat, so I guess no, sorry!

But out of everything that we have tried, my favorite would be their coffee.


Filtered coffees are very much common, I don’t know if just in Bangalore or the whole of India though, but near our office building, there’s a stall that sells coffee served in these cups. We wanted to bring home one as a souvenir but we simply forgot. I don’t know if it’s just the cold weather (we were there December-January), or the clay cups, or just really the coffee, but, we really loved their version of coffee. I would go back just to have these. ❤

I have more Bangalore stories to share, I just need to stop being lazy about posting blogs, hehehe.


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