Travel Tales: Boracay

The past week’s weather wasn’t really the best. It has been raining almost nonstop for the entire week due to a typhoon. And all I can think of is the beach!!! So for now, let’s talk about probably my default beach place: Boracay. 🙂


I say default because this is probably the beach place that I have been to the most. I have been here a lot of times with different sets of people but every single time the kind of experience I have is always different – in a fun way. The good news is, there are so many cheap flights available all throughout the year. You just really have to be patient in looking for seat sales and waiting for the actual trip. I usually book my flights with either Air Asia or Cebu Pacific, and both has a lot of flights available, although I book for Kalibo flights as these are cheaper compared to going via Caticlan. Also, since Kalibo airport is bigger, there are lesser chances of your flight getting cancelled. The only downside is that from Kalibo, it will still be about 2 more hours of travel via bus to get to Caticlan port and to the island itself.

2013 oct 2

It started becoming a yearly thing for my friends and I in 2013, which was the time all of us were coincidentally single, haha. You can say that my May 2013 Boracay trip was seriously the craziest – not really for blog posting, hehe.

2013 1
Posing at Friday’s famous photo op spot

That same year, because we are crazy people, we went back in October. It rained a little during that time but for me, Boracay will always be picture-perfect no matter what. It may not look beautiful for everyone, but I love it just the same.

2013 oct
Boracay in October

2013 oct 1

A friend of us was moving to Vietnam for work in 2013, so we thought that Boracay is the best place to for a despedida.

2013 oct 4

So after 2013, we decided to go back again – like a yearly thing, and we did! There has been this craze with Laboracay and we wanted to make sure we don’t go during Boracay’s most crowded period so just like in 2013, we booked our trip on the last week of May, or what we call summer’s last week.

Here’s how our daily nights out in Boracay goes: we go out at around 10 in the evening to have dinner, then we walk around the area before heading out to one of the bars. We mostly go to Epic in Station 2, but there are a lot of bars out there to as well. We just have a liking to the place since we have been frequenting the bar since 2013.

The girls taking a nap in 2014 before heading out
Crazy night in Epic

After a night of drinking and partying (because Boracay is obviously a party island), we will usually wake up at around 10 or 11 in the morning and have brunch. After lunch, we go back to the beach to chill and maybe have a few drinks.

You need to know, prices of drinks and food in the island isn’t really cheap. So in 2014, we decided to bring our own alcohol and drink in the beach. We then found out that it isn’t actually allowed to drink by the beach. Oh well.


Our favorite spot somewhere in Station 1

In 2015, I thought that we won’t have the chance to go back. But lo and behold, APEC Summit happened in our country in October. That means almost an entire week of declared holiday. I actually just followed since I still have to work, but Boracay is always a good idea you know.

We found out about a new hang out place during this trip. In Diniwid Beach, there are a couple of restobars, if you want to be far from the crowds. It’s a bit far if you walk, but I don’t really mind since I’m on the beach and it’s Boracay hello!


This year, I got to hit the beach a little early – in March. We had a free one way flight from Cebu Pacific due to a cancelled flight in November 2015, and since March is almost summer time, we decided where better to go than Boracay of course!!

Aside from drinking and chilling, here are a  few of the non-negotiables when going to Boracay:

1. Have breakfast and bring home some calamansi muffins from Real Coffee. Note that the food isn’t that cheap, but it’s worth trying as their food is good

real coffee

2. Chori burgers. There are stalls all around the island that usually opens in the afternoon. It’s just chori I know. But it just tastes so damn better when your at the beach!


3. Jonah’s shake. Partner up your chori burger with shakes! Perfect for the beach!


4. Ariel’s Point. I have only been here once, but Ariel’s Point is still one Boracay’s highlight for me. It’s a cliff-diving place that’s about 30-40 minutes away from the main island. You go there before lunch and you can go jump your shit out while waiting for the buffet lunch. The best part of it all is that drinks are unlimited!! From the boat to the cliff-diving spot and even on the way back to the island, they will serve drinks for you! They say alcohol is needed to give people more courage to jump, and I totally agree!

ariels pt

5. Eat at I ❤ BBQ. They serve good food and their walls are decorated with cute and quirky posters and photos.

i love bbq

6. Visit Spider House in Diniwid Beach. They have a spot to watch the beautiful sunset. There’s also a place where you can cliff dive in case you need your fix.

spider house

7. More food: eat at Two Seasons. Their 4-cheese pizza and oyster sisig is to die for. Try also their pasta. Seriously, their food is the bomb.


8. Last but not the least, visit the church.

Before I end this post, here’s a selfie from Spider House while watching the sunset. ❤



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