Travel Tales: Calaguas

In 2013, Calaguas was the first place I went to after nursing a broken heart (wehehe). I guess it was purely fate(naks!) that my college friends were going on this trip and they decided that it would be best that I tag along with them, together with people Idon’t really know as a way to start over (ang drama ko haha). We called this trip 6 Degrees of Separation in Calaguas, because there were about 15 (or 18, 20?) of us who went on this trip and there was only 1 guy who was a common friend of everyone in the group. Coolness! Haha.

We were on a 20-seater van that left Makati at around 1am on a Saturday morning. We arrived the port going to Calaguas around 10-isg (I think?) and arrived the island a little past lunchtime.

View from the boat going to the island

Yes. The travel time is a killer. So be ready to sleep, get bored, eat junk food, and sleep some more. Like so:


So just be thankful that you have the view to enjoy while trying your best to not tear your eyes out of boredom.

That is the super-duper skinny and unhealthy looking me. Like what I said, I just had my heart broken during that time okeeey. Lol.

The good thing about the tour group that we booked was that they take care of the food for you – lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day.


They will also take care of building the tent for you so all you have to worry about is sleeping inside a tent especially if it’s your first time (like me!).

From here on I will just flood this post with photos from this trip!





I don’t know why but we didn’t really explore the entire island, or the cove at least. But we did get to watch the sunset.


There is a small hiking trail near us so we went there the next morning to look at the island and watch the sun (from sunset to sunrise diba).


After trekking was breakfast. Then we all had to pack up and prepare for another looooong boat and van ride home.


In the end, it was all worth it. 😉


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