New Year and Resolutions

New Year is always the perfect time to reflect on plans and dreams and goals. And just like a lot of people, I always have my list as well. They say that writing it down and visualizing it makes it easier in terms of doing it and making it happen.

This year, here are the things I hope to consistently do:

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  • Exercise. The problem with me is that I can never remain consistent with this. There would be moments when I would run at least twice a week, or go to the gym almost everyday, but when I stop, you won’t even see my shadow near the gym for a good two or three months. That’s how crazy my routine is. This year, I hope to really be more consistent in not just exercising but in actually being more healthy. I know for a fact that I have already established good sleeping habits (I am asleep at 10 in the evening) but that shouldn’t be the end all of ‘how to be healthy’. I’m pretty sure I need to slow down on sweets and actually be more picky with the type of food I eat. Also, I have blood clot on my brain and I don’t want to die early!


  • Go to church. My place is just 1 ride away from he nearest church and I want to start going more. Going weekly is surely great. Don’t get me wrong, I pray to God as much as I can but I also know that going to church won’t hurt. I mean, Don Bosco Church is my favorite since I have always gone there during my saddest and happiest moments. And I want to start coming to church more without any reason aside from because I want to, not because I need something answered.
  • Blog more. My goal is to at least post something on a weekly basis. We all have a lot of stories to tell, but I really hope that this year is the year that I will finally be able to share my stories starting 2013 (because there are a loooot).
  • Read more. Every year, I always put this in my list. To read at least 1 book per week, or month I guess, haha. My problem is: Me. There’s social media, there’s Netflix, there’s forgetting everything and just sleep. There’s just so many useless stuff to read and watch in the wonderful world wide web that eats up a lot of my time! See, entirely my fault, haha.


  • Save more, travel more. I guess this is pretty self-explanatory. I mean I have a separate savings account (which I call my travel fund) from where I get money for all my travel needs. Because why the hell would you not have one, jk.

On another note, if there’s one thing that I hope to happen this year, I hope I get to find that one person I would travel the whole wide world with. Because, who wouldn’t want that? ❤


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