Travel Tales: Rahoe Night Market

I would probably have to say that my favorite part of my trip to Taipei are the night markets. Obviously, Taipei is really known for their night markets and the tons of street and cheap but delicious food you can try on almost a daily basis. So after visiting some temples and taking a bit of a rest, we headed off to Rahoe Night Market – which according to the ever-reliable Internet world, is one of their most popular and has more street food option compared to its other counterparts.


It was a pleasant surprise when we got there because I was so overwhelmed with soo much fooood! Like it was more than double of what we’ve seen in Shilin Market the night before! We literally tried as much food as we can!

(Warning: food photos up ahead)


We tried cuttlefish, fried crabs, barbecued squid, grilled beef, barbecue chicken, dried fruits, milk tea, fried mushrooms and soo much more food!

I guess the great thing about it is that everything we bought tasted great and was all really cheap!!


Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Look at those silly smiling faces so full of great Taiwanese street food!! 😀

Last but not the least, my siblings and I have sort of a tradition to always try out the convenience store ice creams in another country. Because we all know 7-11s and Family Marts in other countries sell so much more quirky and really good and affordable food and yes, ice cream!


My only regret was that we didn’t have much time to visit more of the night markets that Taiwan has. So if you love food like me and my family, I seriously suggest that you go and include Taipei as one of your future destinations.


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