Travel Tales: Shilin Night Market

After resting for an hour at our hotel, we headed for the train station that will get us to Shilin. Like what I said earlier, it’s extremely easy to go around the city since all of the major tourist spots has their own station. On our first night, we went to Shilin Night Market which is one of Taipei’s most famous. I don’t know how packed it can get but there were lines almost on each stall maybe because it was a Saturday night.

Fresh fruits are always enticing so when my parents saw this stall, our first sampling was of fruits, haha.

Here are some more of the stalls that we saw while looking for food to try and eat.

Not sure what this is but who cares. Hahaha.

This you can say is one of my favorites for the entire trip. This is fried milk. Yes. Fried. Milk. So it’s square-shaped in a barbecue stick, then it gets dipped in some kind of batter before being fried.

I don’t know how to describe it except that it’s crunchy on the outside and gooey inside and it really tastes like milk. Fried. Make sure to try this out okay!

After the fried milk we saw this corndog stall so of course we tried it. Hehe.

It was hot and it was good.

We saw a line at this stall of a guy selling fried cuttlefish so of course, if people are lining up then that means it’s good. Don’t worry too much about the the cost because everything in the market is affordable. Nothing will go above TWD100, but of course depending on how many you plan on buying. In our case, we want to sample a lot of the food so we just had 1 order for each stall that we like.

This is just a regular fruit juice stand but the sign says frog eggs, not sure why but if it adds to the wow factor then I guess go for it? Haha.

So much food, so little time.

We did not try this but I guess we should have. This is candied fruits. The strawberries are put in a barbecue stick then dipped in candy syrup that hardens and I took a picture because the display looks cute and it is a nice concept, right?

These are legit oven-toasted pork buns. The stall we saw was just starting their first batch of pork buns and we were lucky enough to be the third in line, because the line grew pretty quick. It took about 10 more minutes before the first batch were taken out of the oven so it was really freshly-made when we had ours. While waiting, there were two people in front of the stall making more pork buns so you will have an idea how it’s made. The dough is cut into portions then the pork filling is added together with chives. The bun is closed and gets dipped into sesame. I am no chef or foodie but it tastes really good. So please find time to look for this stall and buy some pork buns, no regrets I promise.

Don’t quote me on this but I believe milk tea started here in Taiwan, and you will see milk tea shops everywhere, right beside each other. Very cheap too compared to the ones we have here. There’s so much milk tea shops and stalls that it will be a crime to not try one out while in Taipei.

So this ends my first day in Taipei, going around the city and extremely enjoying all of their food. Good job Taipei! ❤


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