High School Friends Get-Together

My high school friends and I rarely see each other. Location is the biggest reason for this. I have friends in the US, Singapore, Bulacan even though some are here in Manila, the schedule also plays a role, together with the fact that a lot of them already have families. So, planning a night out together with a lot of people coming is a big deal for us. Most especially after finding out that one of our very good friends is getting married already! And is leaving for the US in two weeks time!

Everything was planned in Viber and Facebook Messenger – thank you technology for these gifts. So, I’m just going to show you how the bridal shower looked like as prepared by my extremely artistic friend Glaiza.

I would not have even thought of doing this cutey, great thing I am not the host of this bridal shower haha.

I was really ecstatic when I saw how gorgeous the set-up of Glaiza’s place was!!!

Some wine and cheese while waiting for the soon to be bride.

Cute details that I only get to see on Instagram and Pinterest, never thought it’s possible to see this in real life!

This is what welcomed me when I arrived! I love the hanging flowers!!! ❤

Pasta, tacos, wine and cheese.

Great night with great friends!


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