Izakaya Kikufuji

Yesterday, my siblings and I went out to do the groceries before heading out to dinner. When we say groceries, it’s really more of a buy food that’s easy to cook and stuff like tissue paper and bath soap kind of thing. We headed over to SM Makati and then decided afterwards to eat at Izakaya Kikufuji in Little Tokyo, Makati.

I can seriously tell you that the food is great. Seriously! Take a look at all the beautiful food that we ordered:

This is the spicy tuna salad from which my sister kept on saying how fresh it is.

I love anything that spells shrimp so of course ordering tempura was non-negotiable.

Instead of pork, we ordered chicken katsu, which has just the right amount of crispiness. It was not oily and the serving is hefty.

We also ordered beef teppanyaki. I highly suggest that you ask the servers for their recommendations and best sellers, because that’s what we did here and it did not disappoint!

This. This is their beef wagyu stick which is my ultimate favorite. You want to know how good this is? The fat will literally melt in your mouth. It’s. That. Good. Make sure to order it and order a lot when you do.

Here’s part of the interior aka the part of the place I got to take a picture of. Anyway. If the food is this good, interiors can sometimes go unnoticed. Guests wouldn’t probably even care.

And so this is how I spent my Sunday, eating out. Again. 😁


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