Last Sunday we celebrate our company’s 14-year partnership with our account. I don’t really know when it started, but I have attended quite a few starting 2012 (I think). Last year the party was held in Prive, I was supposed to follow since I was in La Union at that time attending the Soul Surf. We left La Union at around 3 in the afternoon, which means we should be back in Manila at around 8 or 9 pm. But no, we had to have a flat tire, in the middle of nowhere. So we got home at around 1 am, the time the party was almost done.

Anyway, this year is a different story because as a way of I don’t know, payback time of the agents, or just for entertainment’s sake, each line of business from our account had to perform the hits of the 90s, Lip sync Battle style! If you know me, you know for a fact that the only time I dance is if it’s at a bar, that’s the only legit dance that I know of, haha. Not only that, but since the entire leadership team is performing, there is definitely no way that any one of us can make up any excuse to not attend, no matter what. Oh and by the way, that was the same weekend that I will be in Baguio, talk about hectic schedule, haha!

What’s great about the performance is that we all know the songs since it’s the 90s, duh. What I didn’t like was the dancing part, where we had to memorize a few steps, extremely easy for those who dance but super duper hard for people like me who would rather die than perform in front of people! But, one thing you all have to know and remember is that our team is a very competitive team, and no matter how stupid we may all look like, we will do our damn best to win! Hahaha.

Since I was never a performer, probably even in my past life, of course even before arriving at URBN, I was already nervous, memorizing and memorizing my parts and the stupid steps I can’t seem to remember. Have I also said that out of the three groups, we are the last to perform? Talk about prolonging the agony! Hahaha.

Well, in the end, it didn’t matter how stupid we all looked because WE WON! Woooohooo! It was really great to see the entire team super happy when they announced it was us because I can really say that it was a team effort. From our site director (who performed JLo’s I’m Real), to our senior manager and my co-managers who brainstormed how the performance will go, the leads who helped with the costumes and dance steps, even the agents who helped out with the props, it was obvious that everyone pitched in, so I guess that’s one huge reason why we won πŸ™‚



party2 12011237_10207860743263041_2304125292612545086_n 12046599_1134785803217798_2838805051337798418_n IMG_4314

So here’s our complete performance for everyone’s enjoyment!

P.S. you know what the prize is? A trophy, and bragging rights I guess!



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