Book Addicts

Last Sunday, while I was eating my ass off in Baguio, my sister went to the annual book sale of Fully Booked (or was it Power Books?). Well, my sister and I share not only clothes (yes, our closets are extensions of each other’s, but that’s another story), but our love for books as well. We both love going to book sales and looking for books to buy, and read in the future. To tell you honestly, we have so sooo many books at home and here in our condo and tons of them we have not even read yet (not to mention the books I have downloaded online). I personally feel like having a panic attack whenever I see books on sale, because you never know if you will get to have another chance of buying that book you want for a much cheaper price! Truth! Hahaha. A few weeks back, I dropped by National Bookstore and saw new books that I have plans of reading and coveting. I took pictures and sent it to my sister. Come Sunday, she was able to buy almost all of the books I sent! Hallelujah! Not only that, but she also bought an adult coloring book for me, which would be another hobby I am more likely to start enthusiastically and then forget for months before starting at it again. ๐Ÿ˜€ Cheers to all the book lovers!


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