Baguio Weekend

It has been a very long time since I was in Baguio. Back when we were kids, my family would almost always be in Baguio during summer or even during mid-year because why not hehe. The last time I was there was was when I was in first year college, so that was like 12 years ago! Last year, we went to Baguio for a good few hours to and from Sagada.

A few months back, our friend Banjo said that The Manor at Camp John Hay has discounted rates during August and September (probably due to the rainy weather). So we decided to book an overnight stay and just really do nothing but eat and sleep and enjoy the weather. 😉


We left Manila at about 7:30 in the morning, had breakfast at the expressway and arrived Baguio at lunchtime. Our first Baguio meal was at Chocolate de Batirol of course. The food is really good and I suck at blogging so I didn’t even have pictures of the Aligue Rice, Beefsteak, Kaldereta, and more or less all of the food we ate for lunch.


So for now, all I can share is this a picture of pork binagoongan and the tsokolate batirol that I ordered last February which I also ordered last Saturday. Yeah, I’m weird like that, haha.

Baguio3 Baguio4

I personally think the view is one of the best things about staying at The Manor, right? Right?


After lunch, it was time to doze off. Well, more so for our cute little baby Andres! We actually have no real plans so while Liezl was asleep, Banjo and KC together with Andres went to Debbie and Mike’s room so that the two babies we are with can play a bit together. Yeah, this was a very family kind of trip, haha.


I wanted to sleep but I think my body clock is so on top of it that I was not feeling sleepy at all. I tried to take a quick nap but I got bored (who gets bored trying to sleep? haha) so I just facebooked why way out of it while updating my phone to OS9 (which by the way has some great updates).

For whatever reason, we all felt a little hungry after eating so much and not doing anything for a couple of hours. KC decided it’s better for her and Andres to stay at the hotel. Banjo, Liezl and I went to Mines View Park to get food. I know, we were there to eat and not to see the view.

Went to Mines View Park to get merienda and not to see the view. #weekendeats

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I don’t know about you, but I love squid. I was also planning on getting some corn on the cob but decided against it since we were on our way to dinner after. Told you, nothing but eating, haha.


After eating, we went back to the hotel and you know what we did? Googled places that serve great food for dinner. 😉


Say hello to Secret Garden. Really, use Waze especially if you’re going there for dinner because for reason I cannot comprehend, the streets of Baguio are not really well-lit, coming from a place that is a top tourist destination.

2 different pizzas and 4 types of pastas for dinner. #weekendeats

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They specialize in pizza and pasta, and the food does not disappoint. We ordered two different pizzas – 4 cheese and pepperoni, and 4 types of pasta (seafood, creamy pesto, garlic and meatballs), thinking that 1 pasta may only be good for 1-2 people. We were wrong. The serving was huge! It was good for 2-3 people and so we ended up not being able to finish all. I highly suggest you include this when visiting Baguio.

Any idea what we did after dinner? Haha. I don’t know if there is a scientific explanation for this, but back when I was younger, I hated wine. I didn’t like it’s taste. I would more or less end up being drunk on beer or any other alcohol but I just didn’t like wine. But now, I would have wine rather than beer or vodka. I mean, a few months before I got sick, I was not really into beer drinking anymore. And after getting sick, I didn’t really mind not drinking at all. The term “occasional drinking” is literally the few times I drink – wine. Anyway, I think we finished drinking at around 3 in the morning.


As a person whose body clock has adjusted well to being in the morning shift, I was awake at around 6:30 in the morning, almost the same time that baby Andres was up. If you know me, you will know that I love breakfast food. I don’t know why, I just do! And having breakfast with a great view and beautiful weather isn’t so bad.


The breakfast buffet had great choices and bacon is one of them. Perfect. I was in no mood to have rice, and I had a lot of processed food like tocino, longganisa, corned beef – breakfast heaven! Hahaha.

Almost everyone dozed off after breakfast. Again, I tried but my body has just gotten used to being pumped up at work between 6AM-11AM that I just ended up watching TV and scrolling through my news feed until everyone woke up.


Before checking out of the hotel, we went for a quick trip to the market. My sister wanted romaine lettuce, broccolli and lengua de gato, while my mom wanted 3 brooms.


Our last Baguio eats was in Melt – a little resto inside the Camp John Hay IT Park. We saw over the internet that there were very good reviews and it didn’t disappoint. I had Angus beef kare-kare and I love it. Well, I think we all loved the food that we all ordered so again, this is another place I would recommend as a must-have here in Baguio.


I need to post this because even though we’ve been all together for the entire weekend, this is the only picture of all of us that we are complete with the cute babies!


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