Aside from trying to blog on a regular basis, I also try my best to read at least one book per week. Obviously, none of the two are happening consistently, but I try. I try! Hahaha.

It’s already September and I am just on my 9th book this year, how pathetic for someone with a one book per week goal lol. When I don’t have time to go to the bookstore, aka laziness gets the best of me, I just browse online and check if the books I’m currently crushing on is on available so I can download them, sometimes forget about them and sometimes actually read them.

I have always wanted to watch Blindness, a movie about a town that caught a plague where everyone suddenly just got blind. But, I also know that the story was originally from a book by Jose Saramago. Lo and behold, I was browsing a few weeks ago and I saw that there was a downloadable collected novels by him!

After finishing Dan Brown’s Inferno, I immediately started reading Blindness – since it’s the one I am most curious about. And I LOVED IT. To the point that I can’t stop reading and I was really fearing for the life of the people in the story, hahaha yeah I know I’m that kind of crazy.

Anyway, I’m done reading Blindness and am currently reading The Gospel According to Jesus Christ which is also from the same author. Will tell you about it once I’m done. 🙂


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