Travel Tales: Singapore

If you know me, you know for a fact that even my entire family loves to travel. Even when we were kids, I think we always almost go to Baguio every summer. There would always be weekend getaways to beaches and we grew up looking forward to our next family trip. Fast forward to us three siblings all grown up but still waiting for that yearly family trip. Last 2011, I don’t really know how it happen but we had a 3-day family trip to Singapore. Back then, tickets are still cheap and I think we got ours for quite a bargain.


Our flight out to Singapore was early in the morning which is a good thing because we have the entire day for our first day.


The great thing about Singapore is the convenience of public transportation. We traveled by bus and train from the airport going to our hotel in Little India.


I actually think our hotel’s location was pretty good. We were very much near a mall, a hawker building (is that what’s it called?), fast food resto and convenience stores. From Little India, it was already very easy to go from one place to another since everything is connected by their train system.


And of course, after checking in, our first stop of course is the Marina Bay view. We didn’t really go inside or near since there’s that thing about walking far to reach the place, haha so we just took pictures of course. Well, selfie sticks weren’t a thing yet during that time so we had to make do with the camera’s self timer, hahaha.


Well duh, a trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete if you don’t have your picture taken with the Merlion!


I don’t really remember what else we did afterwards but my favorite part of our trip was actually going to Universal Studios, hahaha.


So we woke up early in the morning the next day, had breakfast from one of the hawker stalls in the area then headed over to Resorts World to get to Universal.


Even before we went inside, I think we already had a TON of pictures, hahaha. Talk about being kids again!


See? Still at the entrance with a hundred pictures hahaha.


I dont’ know how outdated these pictures are because this was 4 years ago. Is there still a Madagascar area? Hahaha.


Kung Fu Panda was the in thing that time, so the line to get a picture with the mascots are pretty long. So we just decided to photobomb (note that photobombing was not even an in thing before haha).


We also went inside Shrek’s Castle which was their version of 4D movie. I really loved The Mummy Returns ride, scary and fun at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚


But my most favorite was the Battle Star Galactica. It was crazy!!! I would probably do this over and over again except that I would have no voice left out of screaming my lungs out.


Literally felt like kids having our pictures taken with Frankenstein, Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe. ๐Ÿ™‚


Back story: Every time my siblings and I go to someplace we have never been to, especially if it’s another country, we go to the nearest convenience store and look for foreign ice cream – meaning those we wouldn’t find in here. We bought Magnum bar, which we didn’t know would become a big thing here in the Philippines a few years after. And yeah, it’s the first time I saw different flavored Yakults!


My parents are big on time, they would rather eat at fast food restos if it would mean having more time visiting more places. And so on our third day, we had breakfast at McDonald’s, lol. I didn’t really mind because it was the first time I saw corn and mashed potato being served at a McD’s! Also, they have their own Cadbury McFlurry! Do they still have it now? I hope we get to have that here in the Philippines ๐Ÿ˜€


Our last day was spent in Orchard Road, exploring the area itself and just really being amazed at the different shops there that weren’t available here in the Philippines back then – like Forever 21 and Cotton On. We were also planning on buying a new DSLRย camera but decided against it since one of the Filipino assistants told us that the way the sellers do business is that they will offer the body at a cheap price but you would have to buy additional lens or whatever.


Overall, it was still a great trip. Singapore is a small place and I think 3 days is enough to see the many different places they have to offer. I haven’t been there again but from what I know, they have new places to visit so maybe in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚


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