Travel Tales: La Union


If you’re looking for a short beach trip outside of the Metro, then La Union is definitely one of those places to visit. It’s extremely famous for being a great surf spot and I have to say, this is where I learned how to surf. I’m not saying I’m a great surfer, all I’m saying is that I now how to surf hehe!


Even though it’s not surf season, a lot of people still go because of the beach. But I’m not really gonna suggest that, because just last Labor Day Weekend, we went here for the beach, and my friends and I all ended up having jellyfish stings! As in ang sakit dude pare chong!!! It was the weekend when Manny Pacquiao lost to Mayweather, and I was contemplating on what hurt more, the jellyfish sting or Pacquiao losing.. hehehe.



Before heading out to the beach, I suggest to drop by the Manaoag Church and say a little prayer.

For food, I suggest to drop by Midway Diner, where they serve a lot of great breakfast food and also very cheap baby back ribs.


Another place to try is Halo Halo de Iloko, you’d have to google maps the place because it’s not that easy to find it, but the place serves good old Filipino food. Don’t forget to order their bestseller Halo-halo!



It’s up to you if you want to hire a surf instructor or just rent a board, but if you’re new just like me, I suggest hiring an instructor so you can get best practices as well. πŸ˜‰


Last October, I remember, there’s another surf spot a few kms. away from the beach center. They say that’s where they ask the surfers to go whenever the waves aren’t as surf-worthy (I’m no surfer so I don’t know the term sorry naman hahaha).


In all honesty, na-mi-miss ko na kasi mag-beach that’s why I posted this. I miss the beach!!



3 thoughts on “Travel Tales: La Union

  1. That’s nice to have a beach to surf. There are not so many beach in Malaysia that we can do surfing.

    There are some on the East Coast but it depends on the monsoon too. Ended up, not so many Malaysians know how to surf. Haha

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