Conquer Cagayan: Island Tours

One thing you have to remember is that the boat rides don’t come cheap. And you will understand once you start – because the islands are really far from each other and it’s not really that easy to get to them. On our first day, we did the Punta Verde – Crocodile Island tour.

Cagayan 2

Once in Punta Verde, you will have to do a little bit of trekking to reach the small waterfalls. It is a requirement though to get a tour guide so you have to get one whether you like it or not. The guide costs php300, I forgot if there is a maximum number of persons per guide.

Cagayan 5

You can stay as long as you like for picture-taking and of course to rest. After resting and tons of pictures later, we took a stroll then headed over to Crocodile Island.




The island is actually very interesting. Obviously, the island is shaped like a crocodile. But the rocks that form the shape is very wierd. Para siyang scales na nalalagas every now and then. Basta! Ang hirap i-explain, puntahan nyo nalang! Hehehe.


There aren’t any trees for shade, so after picture-taking, you have no choice but to put sunblock before swimming!



After the tour, we had a quick snack at the local burger shack. It really feels good to just worry about nothing except what food you’re gonna eat after a good swim and then what you’re gonna have for dinner, hahaha.


Cagayan 6

The next day we took the Cape Engano and Anguib Beach tour. This is more expensive than the other tours because this is seriously around 30-40 minutes trip per way for each island. Yung gusto mong makatulog sa biyahe kaso ang lakas ng alon, hahaha.


This is the view on our way up the lighthouse. My friend said that it looks so much like the islands in Batanes. The pictures we have are nothing compared to really seeing the place with your own eyes.


Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset


This is what will welcome you once you reach the top, this is the view at the back of the lighthouse.


But the best for me was when we spent the rest of the day in Anguib Beach.


It’s obvious that very few people have gone here because there are very few picnic tables. It’s vibe is just like Anawangin except they do not have enough amenities for camping.


But I don’t mind that. I love the fact that very few people have seen this beauty because you at least have an idea that the beach remains pristine and dirt-free.


Here’s the tour prices in case you have plans of going there someday. I highly suggest to really just wait for a cheap airfare ticket instead of spending 15 hours by bus. Because that is what we are doing, because our next travel goal is to reach the Babuyan Group of Islands and to get there, we have to take the same route, Tuguegarao City to Sta. Ana then take a 6-hour boat ride to the islands. But we still have time for that, in the future. 🙂

Thank you Cagayan for showing me how beautiful you are!

To more travel and more love!



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