Straight and Curly

My mother’s hair is naturally curly but I thank God that I never inherited her type of hair (sorry mamee hehe). For the longest time since college, I would have my hair rebonded and let it grow long for about a year then have it chemically-treated again. It went on like that for about 4 years I think. I like that I only have to comb my hair twice, after taking a bath and before I go to sleep. That’s it.

longMe and my long hair. The manang look. Clockwise from top left: Christmas 2007. April 2008. December 2009. Spiced it up a bit in December 2010 by putting on some bengs. Hehehe.

After years of the same hairstyle – yeah yeah girl problems I know hehe. June of last year, I decided to perm my hair. In short, while everybody else wanted super, long, straight black hair like those in commercials, I had mine curled. And I love it!!! Woohoo. Kaso, the truth is, mas high maintenance pala siya ng very slight kesa straight hair.

Well, having your hair rebonded or permed takes about the same time. Mga four hours. Shampoo-treatment-shampoo-treatment-shampoo repeat ’til sumakit na pwet mo sa pagupo.

Syempre kailangan may comparison ng hairlaloo so here’s me with curly hurr.

buhaghagTop pictures: June 2012, bagong kulot. October 2012 bagong gising buhaghag look.  Bottom 2 pictures: June 2013 bagsak na ang kulot oras nang ipaperm look. Pwede ding haggard look.

Anyare bakit biglang usapang hair? ‘Cause I saw this post from Buzzfeed:

True naman that there are pros and cons. But I can’t speak for everyone since hindi nga natural yung sa akin. Anway, I totally agree with the posts hehehe.

Yah. Agree ako since a lot of people just have normal straight hair, mas bongga ang attention ng mga kulots.  Ever since I had my hair permed, everybody wants to touch it.The problem is I don’t like it when people touch my hair. Like, bakit?? Diba. Tapos yung iba susuklayin pa, eh hindi siya dapat sinusuklay!!!

Kung dati twice a day ako nagsusuklay, ngayon – hindi na. Hehehe. Yes. Hindi po ako nagsusuklay. Sabi din kasi nung hairdresser mas mabilis bababa ang kulot if you comb it. So kung may plano kang magpakulot, pagisipan mong mabuti kung kaya ng katauhan mong huwag magsuklay – ever. Pero for those with naturally curly hair, I’m sure combing and/or not combing it is different.

Dahil sa aking curls, madalas akong mapagkamalang Korean, or Chinese. Kebs lang naman. Funny experience kapag nagugulat sila na na-Maling Akala pala sila hehehe.

This part I seriously love. Kebs sa pagpapatuyo, iron or blow-dry ng hair. After maligo, I just put on some mousse and I’m all set! Again, no need for suklay. Which goes hand in hand with this next pro:

No special treatment needed. Bongga ang curls kahit sang direction siya magpunta go! No need to worry about fly-away hair.

Pero hindi naman every day is a great hair day.bun

Like this. Pro: different curly looks depending on how you style your hair while wet. Depends if you blow/air dry it also. Con: minsan gusto mo na lang talaga siya itali para matapos na. Hahaha.

Eto trulalu ng very strong. I get to save on shampoo but ubos pera sa conditioner and mousse. Ang bilis pa naman maubos ng mousse.
summerIn fairness naman haven’t tried using my hair as a scarf, pero true ang hassle sa mukha ‘pag summer time. I rarely put my hair in a bun, again, because mabilis mawawala ang kulot if I do that so ganyan din ang ichura ko ‘pag mainit na, hehehe. Ganun talaga, magtiis, hehehe.

BTW, the pictures plus the complete list of PROs and CONs are here:

Sabi nga sa commercial, “Have a happy hair day!”.



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