What’s been happening with me thru my Instagram photos πŸ™‚

Sunday-Monday rest days shouldn’t be boring. So last Sunday, I asked Annie if she wanted to watch a movie – since I was sooo bored that day. One text message led to another and next thing I know, I was drinking with a few of my old agents. Speaking of which, I felt a little bit old when they were asking how old I was VS how young all of them are. Hehe. Unplanned drinking sessions are always fun πŸ™‚

Melai the Bored. Me super bored to death last Sunday. #pacutestagram

That day when we were at our weekly after-office hang out place to drink when a fire started. Buti na lang nakaka-isang SML pa lang ako. Hehehe. Dahil USI kami, of course dapat may picture. BTW, dahil sa sobrang panic, we have not paid our bill yet. Hehehe. Promise we still know by heart our orders so we will pay once you guys are open again. Magbukas na kasi kayo!

You know those kinds of book where you do your best to read it as slowly as possible because you don’t want it to end? That’s how I felt about this book. Wala lang. It was THE book that I was reading when the Ex and I broke up. Lakas maka-self help.

The different stages of hair-perming. Because I hate combing my hair.

Catch-Up Friday with Chen and Liezl. Because it has been months since we last saw her and she badly needed to know what’s happening with our lives. Charaught lang.

10 years of friendship

I’ve said it before and I am going to say it again -> Book Sale I Love You. You are the reason I get to finally buy books that are only on my wish list. These books? php180 each!!! I saw a few more books but I’m gonna be broke and it sometimes take me forever to finish reading. Kasi ang tamad ko.

I rarely wear sneakers so this is for documentation purposes. Hehe.

Because who doesn’t dream about this every single second?


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