Friends are Family You Choose

So my last post was almost 3 months ago. Haha. Real life has been sort of a roller coaster and I’ve been too busy with a lot of things so there. Anyway, the big announcement *drum rolls please* Ivan and I are no longer together. So yun ang big reveal and reason why I have not been posting anything here. Hahaha. Well we broke up a bit of a long time ago so there was the solitary part and the acceptance and the moving on part, hahaha. But no, I have no plans of removing old posts with him on it, because that would be too much of a hassle and too bitter, hehe. People are still shocked to hear about us not being together anymore simply because I chose to share it only with my extremely close friends. Anyway, life goes on. If you want to know the story, I’m willing to share it with you, but I want free beers, and you have to get me drunk too. Lol.

The thing with breakups is that everybody in your circle gets affected. When we broke up, very few friends knew about it. But life is really 6 degrees of separation. Friends of friends of friends will hear about it and next thing you know, people you are not really close with will come to you and ask you if the story is true. Well, as they say, gossip makes the world go ’round. More than the breakup, what I felt really sad about is the fact that he no longer talks to our conjugal friends. It’s like he closed his entire universe to all of these great, loving people, most of them he has been friends with longer than me. My point is, people in a relationship may breakup and never talk to each other again but your true friends are always there to stay. So dapat no FO diba? (that’s Friendship Over, not F***k Off, or pwede din, lol)

It was easy for me to let go and move on simply because I have the most awesome friends ever. My work family has been there the entire time I felt like a baby, hehe. There will always be someone asking me if I had lunch already, and I even have a constant breakfast buddy. Actually, they have been using the breakup as an excuse to go out and drink after work, hahaha. My college buddies are also the greatest. They made me realize a lot of things and they were the ones who took me to 2 consecutive out of town trips that made everything really awesome. And of course, my BGFF (best gay friend forever) is seriously the BEST. Joewa has been there for me the entire time. From the drama modes to me being happy again. My siblings on the other hand, now hates him, hahaha. Anyway, whatever floats their boat I guess.

My message is clear and simple, make sure that you choose your friends wisely. I’m pretty confident I did. 🙂


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