Of Work and Mondays


I’m sure a lot of us have this burning pain in our hearts every time the weekend is over. Burning pain talaga? Hahaha. Me? It’s always difficult for me to leave home, where there is an abundance of great food. Weekends for me means sleeping, waking up for breakfast, sleeping again, waking up for lunch, sleep again, then wake up because it’s dinner time already. Hehehe. That pattern changes in case my Mom asks us to do some errands. But 70% of the time, I really just sleep. I think it’s my way of catching up on all the lost hours I’ve had over the week when I have work. Which I know is really bad according to studies I’ve read before.

Most of the time, I’m sure just like me, a lot of folks I know are really struggling to go to work during Mondays. Haller!! Ang sarap matulog at magsayang ng oras nang walang ginagawa okay! Hehehehe. And it’s not just Mondays. In my case, I have those days when I feel like I should rest even for just 1 day. Because it can really be tiring. Super. So instead of letting the negatrons win, I always think of all the positive things that I can think of. Here are some of the things that I post-it in my mind:

Checking of coaching logs

Knowledge. I always think of all the new things that I will learn at work. I read somewhere that the stupid people are those who think of themselves as smart. And i have to agree. Knowledge is never-ending. Regardless of how long you have been in a certain position, there will always be something new that you will learn. It can be as simple as the correct pronunciation of a word, or it can be as challenging as knowing a certain MS Excel formula. I have been a team lead for around 5 years now but never has it crossed my mind that I know everything there is to know about my job. Everyday, I learn something about how to become a better leader. I still look for ways on how to push my agents reach their full potential. Everyday.

The agents. I’m extremely thankful that I have been given a chance to work with a lot of great people. I have handled a lot of teams with different set of personalities, age group, likes, attitudes, behaviors. One of the things that I always think of is how can I help them be the best agents that they are all capable of. I have a lot of agents who I know deserve to be promoted to other positions, and I want to help them get to that level. Sometimes, they just need a little push and someone to guide them to the right path. Yes, I am sounding like a parent. But most cases, I feel like one to my agents.

Most of them do not know that they have the potential to be GREAT agents. That they can become future leaders too. And as a supervisor, I feel like it’s my responsibility to help them, support them and lead them to the right successful career path. When I was an agent, I was given that opportunity to show what I am capable of, and I want other agents to have that to.

My friends. Let’s face it, no matter how your work sucks, I’m sure there’ll be a couple of people inside the office who has the same wavelength as you. Me? I’m really blessed to have my own support group, naks. These people are people I trust my life with inside the office. These people, if I don’t get to see them everyday, I feel like my 9 hours of work is incomplete. Arte!!! They know me inside and out. No matter how dirty office politics can get, these people know who I am and what I am capable of. They are people who trust me. These are people that I would never want to disappoint. These people are the people I run to for help. Their attitude towards work are contagious, and I can only wish for it to become a virus so that it can spread to more people. They are the people that go with me on drinking sessions, people with whom I share all of my work-related stress, disappointment with co-workers, and sometimes, even the small victories. Because of them work is more fun.

The challenges. Everyday while taking a bath, oo while taking a bath!! And before going to sleep din ha. I pray and ask the Lord to give me strength to face all the challenges I will encounter that day. I always believe that God is giving me challenges because He knows that I CAN DO it, that I CAN face whatever difficulties I might encounter. I always think that it’s His way of making me STRONGER, of teaching me new things. The daily hardships and challenges are there because He TRUSTS that I will be able to do it. And personally, I think it’s great. Because I get to have daily interactions with Him.

O ayan. I hope that looking at things positively will also help whoever is feeling those Monday blues – kahit every day mo pa ma-feel ang Monday blues na yan. Spread the positive vibes!!! Happy Monday!!


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