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I’ve been consumed by too much work the past few days, err, weeks. I’ve been meaning to post pictures and share stories but once I see my bed, all my other non-work tasks are thrown out the window. I’ve always wanted by site to be about my life outside of work, but I think sooner or later I’ll see myself writing about work, since it has been eating up too much of my time. Anywaaaaaaaay..

I promised myself I’ll read 1 book per week. PROMISE!!! So far, I’m done reading The Nanny Returns and Elmer. Aaaand the first half of February is over. I’m supposed to have finished 7 books already. Haaay naman!!

This is my current read. It’s a book of short stories about kids in Africa. I just finished reading the first story and it’s heart-breaking. I promise to finish it this week, then move on to a new book. 🙂

This year, I also promised to write more. In my journal, or here in my blog. Thanks to my sister, I now have this!! It’s a 5-year journal, so you’ll have 5 years worth of memories all in 1 journal!!! LOVE IT!!! So far, I have written every single day since it was given to me. Good job!!!

I was never a fan of tea but I started drinking it when I ran out of coffee mix to drink at the office. Ran out of stock a.k.a. too lazy to buy. My agent brought me some TWG samples and seriously, I don’t understand what the hype is about chamomile tea. I’m sorry to all the tea lovers out there but I didn’t like it. Didn’t even finish it. But wait, there’s more! I actually love drinking black tea 🙂 It can be my perfect alternative to coffee. That’s the type of tea they put in milk teas right? Maybe that’s the reason why I like it.

This picture will always remind me of that one day at work when I really felt like I can’t do it anymore. Charot! Arte lang! I will always remember that day when Japhet and I stayed almost 3 hours after our shift to finish deliverables, admin works and create action plans for our team like there was no tomorrow. But at the end of the day, I will always be grateful that I have work and that I am busy and that sometimes I have too much on my plate I have to finish other things the next day. Busy is good! Regardless of how tired or irritated I was, I always thank God for giving me the opportunity to hone my skills, and be better at my craft. Okay. Must. Stop. Talking about. Work!!!

A few weeks ago, my mom told us to look for pictures to post on our “family wall”. This is just one of tons and tons of pictures that my siblings and I saw. When I have my own kids, I think I’ll do the same. I’ll buy the same exact pajamas in different sizes and take a picture of my kids. Just like this one. Hahaha.

This was taken last Sunday at my cousin Hailey’s house. My uncle, his dad, passed away unexpectedly leaving all of us dumb-founded. That entire day, my siblings and I volunteered to be his babysitters. And that Sunday, we have found our new bundle of joy. My parents are actually thinking of adopting him and we all really want it to happen!!! He is sooooo cuuuute!!! He is one kid who never tires of TALKING. Yes. He is not a shy one! He will talk to ANYONE!! This would probably how I’d look like if I got pregnant four years ago. So that would be me and my kid. Hahaha.

I love the way he smiles and talks and talks and asks for help. We took care of him for just 1 day but I think we are all hooked. We love him!!! Here he is showing me and my sister that he can eat oregano leaves. Hehe. He’s actually just putting it in his mouth then throwing it away. Then he’d laugh and do it again.

But the clear winner that night was my brother, because he has the ipad. Hehehe. Before we brought the ipad out, whenever we ask him if he can just go and live with us, he would say no, then laugh or do something else. But AFTER the ipad and a few games of fruit ninja and temple run 2, his final answer has changed. He’d LOVE to go with us!! Hahahaha. Love it!! Kids and ipad. Perfect formula! Sundays are simply the best. I’m thankful I always get to spend it with people I love. 🙂

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