Happy Birthday Joewa!

Nope, it’s not the boyfriend’s birthday. It’s Joewa’s birthday! My friend, one of my very few trusted friends from the office, is celebrating his birthday today.


We have been friends since 2007, the year we started working at our company. I’ve seen him many times before back when we were both new agents on the floor, but we never really talked or anything, because he looked like the shy-type. Wrong!!! I knew I found a friend when I heard him laugh during one of our team meetings. From that time on, we were inseparable. We will not take calls unless we station beside each other. Worst case scenario, we will take calls until we get 2 stations, then we transfer. Parang mag-boyfriend lang ang peg!

DSCN5810Account party, sometime in 2009

Hahaha. Before the start of our shift, and after setting up our tools, we would go to the pantry and get our daily coffee fix. We will always, always take our breaks and lunch on time. And to tell you honestly, he was one of the reasons why I didn’t go crazy – with work especially. He was that one person who knew everything about me before there was any ranks and positions involved. And he was always there to support me and defend me from all my detractors, and showbiz diba! Hehehe. But he is that kind of friend, and he has been a protector of mine from then until today.

IMG_9132At Tarzan’s Hanging Bridge, HK Disneyland, 2012

Photo306Puerto Galera, 2008. We called this soul-mate searching. Don’t ask, haha.

Back when we were agents and under one team, we would always go home together. We would ride the bus, which we would name depending on the color. We used to call those blue buses with blue plastic seats Jetblue Airlines. Hehehe. That purple bus with flower designs? We call it Hawaiian Airlines, hahaha. So you see, back then, I knew he was 101% my boy/gay Jeje/Jologs version, hahaha. Just so we’d have time to make chika while going home, I would ride the train (LRT) with him, even if it is cheaper for me to take a jeep. And even if I am actually just 1 station away.

CIMG4377Year 2007 I think. One of those inuman sessions

DSCN07892009 in Bohol. Probably the start of our threesome travels.

He has been with me during those times when I was enjoying work and friends and single life. Hahaha. He knows who my office, celebrity and real life crushes are, and he was there when I was starting to fall in love, yesss!!!!

IMG_8983Super enjoying the double-decker bus in Hong Kong!

Joewa and I, we have tons in common. We both love watching noontime shows, and we would even talk about it and even text each other while watching. I can say that he can be my Jeje-soulmate, if there is ever a term. Why jeje? Because I don’t have to explain to him why it’s fun to watch Wowowee and their ridiculous games. Because we are both John Lloyd Cruz fanatics and we have watched almost all of his movies (!). Because he is like the other half of my social climbing tendencies (an inside joke). Aside from the boyfriend, he loves, loves to travel, so he is our official third wheel, and he doesn’t mind! He loves reading the same blogs I follow and read, we follow the same people on twitter, and even if we have not seen each other in a long time, we are oh so updated with the latest chismis, showbiz world or not, hahaha.

IMG_0132Wide-eyed and giddy. Angkor Wat. March 2012.

I can go on and on and on about all the things that we love doing and why I love this person and the entire day will still not be enough.

IMG_8954Giddy, wide-eyed and cold. The Peak, Hong Kong. December 2012.

All I really want is to tell you that you really are one of my most treasured friends and bestest gay-jeje friend. Cheers to more laughter, fun, travel, love and friendship. Happy birthday Joewa!!!!



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