Christmas 2012

It was a very hectic Christmas. I was so unprepared my gifts have not been wrapped until now. Who knows if I’d even have time to wrap and give it out, hehe. 2 days before Christmas, my siblings and I headed over to Trinoma before going home to do some last minute shopping. We still have no gifts for our parents, and to each other. Hahaha. No idea what happened the past few months and why we all didn’t have time to buy gifts.

1Our lunch at Teriyaki Boy. You see the before and after pictures. Yes, we ordered that much food and we finished it all!!! Mwahahahaha.

My brother and sister road-testing and downloading apps for my parents. hehe.

This is probably the most expensive gift we have given our parents. Ang hirap nito ’cause we need to start thinking of a better gift this year!!! Hehehehe.

2Christmas day was spent at our farm eating, eating and eating. Hehe. Oh, we tried to play with the helicopter but it was so freakin’ hard to operate! I got so scared I stopped trying, I didn’t want to be the one to break it okay!! hahaha.

This was my parents reaction when we gave the gift – shock and wonder. They were shocked that we were able to afford it (hahahha ang barat ko kasi at ng kapatid ko eh) and wonder how they will use it, hehehe. The tutorial is still in progress and I don’t even know how often they use it hehe.

Goodbye 2012, hello 2013!


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