The Hobbit

I’ve never been good at doing movie reviews so I am not even going to try, hehe. But I have always been a fan of Jessica Zafra and her movie reviews are something that I always look forward to.

The movie opens in the Shire, at the exact same point The Fellowship of the Rings begins, with old Bilbo (Ian Holm) and Frodo (Elijah Wood) preparing for the party. The connection to the previous movies having been established, we go 60 years into the past, to the day the younger Bilbo has his peaceful existence disrupted by a meddlesome wizard. It’s Gandalf, of course, and we have nothing left to say about the wonder of Ian McKellen’s performance, except to add that if you close your eyes you can still see everything through his voice. Martin Freeman (Dr. Watson from the British series Sherlock) is excellent as Bilbo, conveying with halting speech and tentative gestures a staid nature that is oddly drawn to adventure.

The complete review here.


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