Pantene Girls

IMG_2416Tagaytay, December 2010.

I’ve always considered my friends as part of my extended family. Because if you think about it, most of them almost are, right? In my life, I can say that I have 3-4 different set of friends whom I know I can call anytime and these people will be there for me no matter what. For now, let me talk about my college buds. πŸ™‚

We got to know each other in second year college – CA1 – was our block section. Numerous class projects, out of town overnights, vacant periods, thesis-making, and of course, heartaches were the foundation of our friendship. It was never an easy ride. I’ve always thought of Liezl and Carrie as “the others”. Rasheil was more of the quiet type and we were never really friends back in high school even though we were school mates. Chen and I were really friends since first year college. Being blockmates with these folks really made my college life super duper FUN!!DSC00004Some Friday night, 2007.

What I love about our friendship is that no matter how busy we become, especially with work and travel and love life, or being single (heehee), we make it a point to spare a few hours of our time to see each other for a quick dinner or coffee time – usually happens during someone’s birthday. πŸ™‚DSC04885

No one’s birthday (I think). Just some random Friday night, 2008.

They always say that true friends will always have time for you, and I can attest to that. When we have a get together, it is often because someone has a major (major) announcement to make, we call it, presscon. Hahaha. It would mostly be someone ending a relationship, or sometimes, a new love πŸ™‚ And these meet-ups are most of the time siningit lang sa mga busy schedules namin! So you can also call it emergency meeting hahaha. The chismis is soo intense chatting on FB or texting is NOT enough! hehehe.

I have my high school barkada and I have my work friends, and I love that I can talk to them about those 2 other set of friends that I have – without judgement. I never feel like a 27-year old, most especially when I’m with them. I remember that whenever we have meet-ups, our table will always be the loudest – the laughter especially! Β And this has not changed one bit up to today.IMG-4277Summer in Anawangin, 2009.

I’m happy that I can talk to them about anything under the sun and they will still accept me for who I am. They have been there and they have seen my best and my worst (having been in, and out of a relationship, and being a bum for a while).IMG-3694

Tagaytay, December 2008.

Last Saturday we had our pre-Christmas celebration in Tagaytay. It was just a random thought 4 years ago to go to Tagaytay, have lunch/dinner, go to Starbucks and have our gift-giving. So we decided to do it every December and last Saturday marked our 4th year tradition. We plan on doing this on a yearly basis, even after we all get married (or not!) and have families of our own.

I’m really thankful that I have them in my life. It’s not often that you can have people who will always be there for you to provide moral (and even immoral hehehe) support no matter how low your life gets.


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