Happy Birthday Mommy


In college, you told me how important sunscreen is. That’s why I always wear one even when I’m burned to the bone. When I was 15, you told me the importance of having good skin and how important a moisturizer is. You are the reason why even at my drunkest state, I never forget to put on moisturizer before going to sleep. During summer vacations, you will have us scrub, wax, and polish the floor of the entire house. Then give us php500 after. Early in life you taught us the value of hard work. I’m happy to have inherited your love for reading. You have made me and my sister go crazy during book sales. Thank you for teaching us how to shop and save. You bringing us always to the department store section has helped me save up lots of money on branded clothing. Thank you for teaching us about money. Thank you for everything. We may not say it everyday, but we love you. ❤


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