Travel Tales: Guimaras

Our tickets to Bacolod-Iloilo were purchased almost a year ago for around php1400. Roundtrip. 2 people. We’ve always wanted to go there and experience the food. The food!!!

Last July, we went on a short 3-day trip but decided to do a detour and just go to Guimaras instead. So here it is. Say hello to Guimaras 🙂
It’s my first time to visit this region but I am in love with the airport. Not just the BCD airport, but of the Iloilo airport as well. Simply because it is far better than the other domestic airports I’ve been to. Ang daming word na airport ‘no? Haha.

First meal in Guimaras. Sinigang na baboy and chopsuey. Of all the things, I forgot the name of the resort that we stayed at. Well, it was too expensive for a weekday rate anyway.

The boyfriend busy taking pictures using his lomo cam.

Sunset watching on our first day in Guimaras.

Because we rarely post photos of the 2 of us together.

Our second day at the island was all about touring it. Ivan got in touch with a tour guide-slash-driver for a total of around php2300 (i think). That would be roundtrip transportation from the port to your resort of choice and a whole day tour.

Our first stop was to the Ave Maria Shrine that holds a seriously large cross on top of a mountain. We have a very generous tour guide. Instead of having us hike from the bottom to the top of the mountain, he bravely used his tricycle so that we save time, and our lives hahaha.

The cross at the top of the mountain. The day started out beautifully and the weather was perfect.

We had our picture taken here because I wanted to capture how huge that tree is. Here’s how it turned out.

This is what will greet you once you reach the top.

Such a pretty, little church on top of a mountain. Mass is held here but not on a weekly basis. If I remember it right, mass is celebrated here once a month.

Photograph-proof that we reached the top hehehe.

Breath-taking view of Iloilo.

Amazing how old and still alive this shrine is.

Our guide said that they used to allow people to go up to the cross. But you know how people can get crazy at times. Because of vandalism and trash, the local government decided to just close it out and have the people view it from afar.

The guide said this is the smallest plaza in the world. Maybe it is.

We were supposed to visit their museum but of all the days, it was closed due to cleaning, or renovation. So we had our picture taken instead.

Map of the Trappist Abbey.

I have no idea if people actually go here to hear mass or if this is exclusively for the monks but I love how the inside of the church looks like.

The only thing I bought from the trip.

My favorite stop is this lighthouse, really really old lighthouse and the remains of what probably used to be house, or a small office that the Spaniards built.

Look at this scary thing!!! Yes, that is the light house. And yes, we climbed it.

The view is fantastic.

This was after climbing the light house. Haggard plus takot sa tetano look!

They say Guimaras mangoes are the sweetest. I would have no idea since I don’t eat mangoes, and a lot more other fruits. The boyfriend says that it actually is, considering that is was July – off season. He bought some home.

Our love trike. Hehehe. We went around the island in this.

The trip will not be complete without having a taste of THE la paz batchoy.

Seriously one of the best tasting batchoys ever!!! I would go back to Iloilo just for this!!


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