Sunday loot

I was not able to go home this weekend because I was drunk last Saturday morning and I woke up and became alive again at around 11 PM. That’s why I hate drinking during my rest days, it eats up too much of my free time. I a) drink until the wee hours and b) by the time I wake up, I have wasted precious rest day moments sleeping and nursing myself back to good health.

Anyway, today I decided to go to the mall because I needed new contact lenses. But I bought a lot of useless things and when I got home, I remembered that I have not bought those much-needed contact lenses. Hahaha.

Today I wasted money on these cute things hehehe.

Dropped by Watson’s. Wala lang. Saw this cute pink lemonade flavored lip balm. Then we wanted to try the nose pore strip ek-ek. Next stop was Book Sale. Wedding and FHM magazine bought by the boyfriend. And I got The Nanny Returns for php60 and Hannibal for php97. Great deal ha!!!

Last but not the least we always go to SM department store as they have great deals for almost everything. So you see that red and brown satchel bag there? The damage is php699. Good job Melai! Best buy of the day!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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