I’ve been spending a lot of Sundays with my family because of this current project that we have. Sundays now are spent on the road, looking for tiles, cabinet holders, lights, etc. Last Sunday was a milestone, simply because it is the first Sunday after so many months that we are actually complete. Usually, it would be me + my brother, my brother + my sister, or me + my sister.

After breakfast, we went to this shop that custom-makes furniture in San Fernando, Pampanga. Best to bring pictures so it would be easier to explain. My parents are the ultimate kuripots, and I’m really lucky that they are and that I inherited that trait. Because of their kuripot-ness, they were able to get a really good deal for our beds.

Next stop was Home Depot to buy floor linings, or whatever you call them. People at Home Depot already know them because they have visited the place a thousand times (okay, I’m exaggerating).

I think one good thing about going back to Home Depot multiple times is that you know when a certain item goes on sale. Like this chair that my mother said finally went on sale, so we bought it, haha.

The family that goes to Home Depot together, stays together. Charot.

A lot of times, we eat fast food. But I’m not complaining as long as I like to food I’m eating. Especially if my mom pays for it hehehe.

Because of this current project of ours, I think I’ve become more observant with the things around me that concerns home decor. I’ve been noticing a lot of tables, lights, and floor whenever I go to a resto or bar. I really am getting old. Haha.

It’s super exciting to see the updates to our house.

This is my sister’s room. The floor is all wrong. This color is supposed to be at my brother’s room. The parents are still trying to get in touch with the contractor to see if it can still be changed. The brother is sad kasi hehe.

My light is now up!! Yiii!!!

I am in love with this. I just wish it was lower, kaso ayaw ni father.

And finally, the kitchen ceiling matches the kitchen’s color.

My mom said that she doesn’t care about the other parts of the house, she only wants to have a beautiful kitchen.

What do you think? ๐Ÿ™‚

My parents said that the house should be finished by October and I do hope it is!!


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