Dear Multiply,

Back when I was in college, you became my go-to guy for picture-uploading. Friendster had this 50 pictures per album limit so when friends introduced you to me, I was ecstatic! I can’t believe I can post unlimited number of wacky and funny and blurry camera-phone photos!! Sushal diba?? Hehe. After that, you became my official blog site. I would waste tons of time online to talk about my college life. Oh, and post more pictures.

Fast forward to 2010, Facebook and Tumblr became the new cool, and Friendster decided to stop becoming a social networking site. That was fine. I still have you for back-up purposes so I didn’t mind.

But I don’t understand why after all this time, you decide to shut down your social networking capacity and focus on the buy and sell stuff? Huway?? What’s going to happen to ALL of my photos and immature rants about life and love huh? Huh?? Huhuhu. Arte ba? I don’t care, I just want assurance that I’ll get all those pictures back okay?


Melai from 2005


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