Last year was my first time ever to watch a Cirque du Soleil show. And I was in awe. It has always been a dream of mine to watch a Cirque show, as in it’s in my thousand things to do before dying. I had to save up for my Varekai ticket but it was really worth it. I am so happy that our country now has access to a lot of foreign acts compared to before. And so when I found out early this year that they were coming back for a new show, I was super excited!!!

A few days before August 19 – their last show, my sister texted me to ask if I wanted to watch Saltimbanco, and of course I said yes. I thought that as a marketing officer for SM Arena, she invited us because she has employee discount or something. Turns out that the only discount she has is the one from BDO credit cards. Anyway, we decided to treat our parents since it was everyone’s first time (except me).

Before going to the Arena, we stopped by the World Trade Center to check out this year’s car show.

The last car show I went to back in 2010 was so much better than this. My father also noticed and even commented that there were a lot of missing car brands/booths.

This is more for the kids than for adults hehe.

Time to drool.

The best/worst part of the car show? Nissan’s booth playing ‘Call Me Maybe’ with matching lyrics!!! Kakaloka.

Off we go to SM Arena for the last showing of Saltimbanco.

Falling in line like good citizens.

The mandatory ticket shot.

Photograph-proof that we watched the show. Heehee.

According to my sister, hoopla will bring another Cirque du Soleil show next year. My wish is for them to bring the Michael Jackson Immortal Tour!! Although that’s asking for too much hehe. I’d probably have to save up for travel to see that show.


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