Last Week

Last week was craaaazy. The freaking monsoon hit us like it was the end of the world. If you’re from Manila, how are you? The news said that last week was better than Ondoy in terms of rescue. A lot were more prepared and ready. I just hope that we don’t settle with just being prepared. Of course events like this always come as a surprise, but there are a lot of things we can do to prevent instead of reacting. First up, we need to be more sensitive to our environment. We need to stop abusing and start preserving. This goes out to everyone, regardless if you are a grade/high school graduate or whatever. Proper waste management is basic. No one should be allowed to be ignorant about it. I currently live near a creek, and man, you should see the waste there. Another major thing we need to change is our drainage system. Look at Spiderman’s NYC. People and even monsters with work stations can live there. I don’t know who in our government is in charge of doing it, but someone needs to do it. Again, we cannot just accept our fate and always be okay with the floodings. We should not accept it as a normal thing, it’s not supposed to be like a yearly thing.

Anyway, how was I last week? Well, the rain and flood cost me 2 days of work and tons of agents who called-in like there was no tomorrow. Last Tuesday, only 6 people from my team showed up for work (include me in the absenteeism list). That’s why I never loved the rainy season. Hell, I’d choose summer and the heat anytime! I’d rather get sun-kissed and perspire ’til I smell than hold an umbrella and get soaked in the rain.

Last Monday, I was all set to go to work but the rain and the flood stopped me from doing so. I told my manager that I’d be late for my 10:30pm shift, but at 3 in the morning, the water was butt deep.

Let me share this wonderful story about how my Wednesday morning started. The flood that morning has somehow subsided, and the sun was peeking, giving us hope that the rain has stopped. Ivan fortunately has no shift that day so I told him to come visit me early in the morning as I have been on a 7-11 diet for the last 2 days. When he got to the unit, he sweating like mad and the first thing I asked him was, “did you just jog?”. Turns out the building elevator was busted because of the rain and he used the stairs to get from the ground to the 35th floor!! Good job!! I wanted to take a picture of him but he looked like he’ll kill me if I did, so I just took a picture of what was left of the food.

This was Wednesday 3pm.The water deeper than the last 2 days.

Stall from the nearest convenience store. I told my brother to make sure to buy food before going home or else he’ll starve to death hehe.

I was so determined to go to work.  It felt like I’ll probably die to death if I don’t. So that night, I was in full battle gear, aka shorts, slippers, jacket, umbrella. It was cool because there was this spot on the road near our place where the flood subsided so I was able to walk the street flood-free.

To celebrate the sun coming out that Thursday morning, we did this. We drank until the sun can almost burn us! Haha

After drinking, I walked myself home. I was smiling the entire time and I know I looked like an idiot but it’s okay. It was the first time after so many days that the sun was literally shining. The only thing missing was the beach! It was that kind of sunny.

Saturday night. Distillery Fort. Heineken. Bacardi. Shakeys. Friendship.


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