Travel Tales: From Bangkok to Cambodia

The trip from Bangkok to the Bangkok-Cambodian border took around 3-4 hours, no traffic. We hired a taxi for around 2000 bhat and that made travel extra comfortable and fast for all 5 of us. When we got to the border, all we had to do was walk and go inside the Thai immigration, have our passports stamped then walk again, this time to the Cambodian immigration.

This is what greeted us after going thru the Thai immigration. From here, we still have to walk before reaching the Cambodian border.

We were told by this travel guide looking person that we get a free bus ride from the immigration to their central terminal. The terminal offers bus, van or taxi ride to the Siem Reap area. We opted for the van, which cost $10 per person. The bus ride costs $8 if I remember correctly but the bus will not arrive until 3pm. We got to the terminal at around 11:30am, and since the van needed 10 passengers before it can leave, we had to wait for about an hour before leaving. That’s better than waiting until 3pm. Also, we’ve read over the internet that bus travel time takes around 3-4 hours!

The travel time from Poipet (border area) to Siem Reap is 2 hours. And that 2 hours is purely travel, no traffic whatsoever.

In Cambodia, we stayed at Angkor Pearl Hotel, which we got for a bargain: $18 per night! It’s a 3-star hotel that won as Trip Advisor’s Travel Choice for 2011. We figured out early on why.

Their rooms are spacious enough,

their bathroom comes with a bath tub,

the hotel is cozy and the staff are very hospitable and welcoming.

They also have a small restaurant and that’s where we had our first meal in Cambodia.

The prices are cheap and very affordable. And while waiting for the food, there are 2 computers near the bar that offers free internet. Or you can ask them for the WiFi password and surf with your phone.

The food takes a bit while to come but maybe because it was 3 in the afternoon and it was off-peak. I don’t know, it’s good thing the staff was really nice and friendly and that made up for the wait. ๐Ÿ™‚

After our late lunch, we rested for a bit then headed to one Angkor Wat to buy tickets and some sunset viewing. Will post the sunset viewing in a bit!


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