Travel Tales: Our First 24Hrs in Bkk

I have a lot of stories, and pictures to share but I keep on wasting my time online instead of being productive and posting about it, boo. Allow me to share with you our first 24 hours in Bangkok.

We wait for our turn to smile at the immigration officer and get new stamps on our passports. I envy those whose passports look like its about to disintegrate from this world. Those passports have certainly been to more places than me.

Took us a while before we found our airport transportation, but I am extremely amazed at how organized and disciplined these Thais are compared to us. And even though I have seen their airport before, I envy them. Again, they know where their airport taxes and terminal fees go.

I love how their airport ceiling looks like.

This is how our hotel room looks like. I feel so lucky to have gotten this room at a very reasonable rate. $22 for one night with free airport shuttle is definitely a bargain. I love that there’s a 7-11 near it and that it’s a block away from a food/bar strip.

I don’t know the name of the place we had dinner at but it surely was a taste of Thai cuisine. This I think is seafood curry.

This is seriously the best fried rice I have tasted on this trip! We finished 1 big serving in a span of 20 minutes and we ordered 1 more! I felt like the server and the cook were laughing at our table because we really devoured the food like there was no tomorrow, haha.

Of course, we need to have that group picture inside the hotel lobby! Lol

Early morning of the next day was spent walking around the area, get food supplies from 7-11 and look for a taxi to take us to the Bangkok-Cambodia border. Saw this satay cart in front of 7-11 at around 7 in the morning. I regret not buying and tasting authentic thai satay. Maybe next time.

Another food cart, road side. It looks so much like the Philippines’ food carts 🙂

We were so lucky to have stayed at this area and to have walked here, because we met a very kind taxi driver who offered us a good deal as our transportation to and from the border. I have to find his calling card first then I’ll post a picture of it 🙂

More Bangkok stories to come,



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