Travel Tales: From Clark to Bangkok

We left Manila at around 2PM that Saturday. Well, our departure was around 8 in the evening but it’s better to waste time at the airport than panic trying to check-in on time. At the Clark airport, we had our bags checked, we exchanged our Ph peso to Thai bhat and US dollars, checked-in (which was a breeze since we did online check-in a day before), had our passports stamped at the immigration, paid an extreme unfair amount of terminal fee, had ourselves and our bags checked again then bored ourselves to death at the pre-departure area.

What I don’t understand is why there is a need for an initial scanning of bags (once you go inside the airport) and another scanning before entering the waiting area. Why?? I have not been to a lot of international airports but from what I experienced, there was only a 1-time scanning. And I hate the fact that the terminal fee is extremely high but our airport looks like crap! Compared to BKK and Singapore and I’m sure to a lot more airports.

Airport food. There was very few, but the good thing about it is that they are not overpriced, compared to the food in NAIA. We had jamaican patty, siopao and siomai. After 20 minutes, I gave in. I bought coffee, hehe.


My airport outfit: flowery dress bought in Divisoria for about php250. Very cheap and looks a lot like the dresses n F21. Shoe Room red ballet flats I bought last December at the World Trade Center Bazaar for php280 are the most comfortable flats I have! That’s why it was a no brainer to bring the pair on this trip. Red bag from CMG was my Christmas gift to myself. πŸ™‚

It’s a good thing we have both the ipod classic and touch. While I reconnected with my favorite songs, he busied himself with the dowloaded games. The trip from Clark to Bangkok was around 3 hours.

The interiors of the Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Very modern and really, the airport is massive. This is where their terminal and airport taxes go!

I took this while waiting for my turn at their immigrations out of sheer excitement that our much-awaited trip is really happening! hahaha. And also because at around 11pm, the airport looked like it was mid-morning. There were tons of people and almost all of the immigration booths were open.

My other travel buddies really loved the over-all look of the airport. Again, this is just in comparison to how our beloved NAIA looks like. I know that tourists/travelers spend only a short time of their travel at airports but I’m sure there is a better way of using our funds in improving our own airport. 😐


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