Bangkok: Pre-travel advise

Almost a year ago, Ivan and I booked a flight to Bangkok. It was one of those great seat sales and we got our tickets for about php2200 each, roundtrip. You see, as people working for an international travel account for more than 5 years now, we realized early that we can save a LOT of money by booking trips at least 10 months in advance. And that is what we have been doing for the longest time. 🙂 Last November, we booked a Bacolod-Iloilo flight for July. Another example, last February, there was a seat sale with Cebu Pacific and we were able to book a Macau-Hong Kong trip for December!

When checking out seat sales, it is important to also check from one airport to another. Here in Manila, Cebu Pacific flies to BKK from both Manila and Clark. We checked and saw that ticket is cheaper if coming from Clark so that’s what we bought, anyway, the bus ride from Manila to Clark is just 2 hours.

For this trip, we originally planned to just go around Bangkok and see the usual sights. A few months after booking, we invited friends to join us, and decided to cross the Thailand border and go to Cambodia as well. So from 2, we ended up being a group of 5 travel buddies.

There are a lot of positive that can come out of booking your trip early. One of which is: time for research. There are places you really want to go to, but how do you get there? We use our research time to figure out the cheapest way of going from one place to another. We research and check if the places we are going to are safe for travelers like us.  Booking your trip early also means getting better hotel deals. We were lucky to have a lot of time to look at traveler reviews and compare rates from different online agencies.

When it was final that there will be 5 of us travelling, we then thought of the idea of crossing borders. So since we have a lot of time left before the actual travel, we had more than enough time to research on how exactly to proceed with crossing from one country to another. It is important to know as well the travel time so that you can plan your day/night at a certain place. In our case, Ivan created 2 suggested itineraries, then we voted which among the 2 will maximize our time. Not only that, but we actually had our itinerary printed out. This way, we’d be more time-conscious and know if we are within our schedule. This is very important especially if you are traveling for a certain number of days only.

Let me share with you our itinerary for our Bangkok- Cambodia adventure:


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