In My Travel Bag

So my Bangkok-Cambodia trip is happening tomorrow!!! I am so excited I could die! Now that I am packing my things, let me share with you the things that are mandatory. When I say mandatory, these are the things that are automatically on my travel bag, even before I actually start packing. Don’t expect this list to be THE checklist. I’m definite that there are a lot of better and more comprehensive lists there somewhere. But these things are really those things that will make me say, “kill me now!!” if ever I forget to bring them. Passport, etickets, printed itineraries are no longer included here. hahaha.

Ze gadgets:

  • cellphone – I need this especially during trips out of the country to make sure I am always connected with my family, friends and yes, even work (eyes rolling). My parents are always aware of my whereabouts, and they want me to always text them and let them know I’m safe. Also, it’s extremely easy to go online with my mobile phone.
  • iPod classic – i have this 180G since 2007 and it has all of the songs I have downloaded from way back. It has all of my favorite songs and favorite albums. It has a few music videos and is my backup for all the pictures that I have from as far as 2006. It has been with me for all of my trips, both domestic and international. What I love doing is putting in a new album a few days/week before the trip and listen to that album while on the plane, bus, etc. Traveling is the perfect time to listen to old favorites and have new ones πŸ™‚
  • iPod touch – I’m still happy with my Blackberry but having the iPod touch is like having the best of both worlds without shelling a lot. This gadget I use for apps, games, more apps and e-books. As early as 2 months before the trip, I started looking for free apps about travel and about the place I’m going. I review the downloaded apps so I know immediately if I need to delete it, and look for a new one.
  • camera (not pictured) – What’s a trip without photos?? I know that most of the time, the pictures I take do not give justice to the beauty of the places I go to but you see, I personally think that pictures are a great way of sharing and remembering stories.
  • flip videocam – borrowed this from my sister. I came to realize that trips are more fun when you also have videos of those precious unforgettable moments.
  • laptop/netbook – for photo and video dumps at the end of each day. It’s important you have tons of space on your memory card or you’ll regret it once you see the error message “memory card full”. What pictures/videos are you going to delete?? Then you scan, scan, scan, delete, nope, delete, delete, okay ready! But before you know it, the moment has passed and that time that you want captured is gone. I make sure I also have a few movies saved on my laptop for those trips when there’s no cable TV, or when the TV shows are all foreign looking and sounding.
  • chargers – that would be: cellphone, ipod, laptop, camera chargers. What’s the sense of bringing those gadgets when you can’t use them because the batteries are empty??

Now, let’s move on to.. the battle gear!!

  • lip balm/lip gloss – I was never a lipstick fan. I feel like my lips are always dry whenever I put lipstick on. Lip balms, however, are the ultimate lip savers. I’m such an addict I always put it on my lips even before going to sleep. I bring one with me wherever I go, the beach, the office, mall, etc. Some people have money in their pockets, me? I have lip balm.
  • moisturizer – Early in life, my mom introduced me to the miracle product that is the moisturizer. At the young age of 15, my mom would always tell me the importance of moisturizing your skin. I use Olay total effects, but since it’s too bulky to bring during trips, I have Pond’s cream in sachet which is excellent for traveling.
  • Lotions (hand, body, sunblock) – again, moisturize and protect your skin!
  • BB cream – I don’t know how to use foundation, concealer and all those other products. But I think the BB cream works just the same. I use it after putting on my daily moisturizer, and I apply it the same way I apply my moisturizer. I use it regularly, not daily, ’cause I’m lazy like that.
  • cream blush – Personally, I think a cream blush looks more natural (in my case anyway) and is easier to apply.
  • eyeliner (pencil and gel) – I have no patience for putting on makeup. I don’t even know how to groom my eyebrows properly. I bring an eyeliner around to somehow make my eyes look less eye-baggy.
  • mascara – This one I am a big fan of. I love the way my lashes look so girly and how it instantly opens my eyes. @@
  • eyelash curler – The partner of mascara.
  • alcohol – Sometimes, I don’t really feel like my hands are really clean when using gel sanitizers, so I also have my handy dandy alcohol spray bottle.
  • contact lens – No, not the colored ones. These are clear contact lenses because I do not have 20/20 vision. I hate wearing glasses and I also hate squinting and not seeing everything clearly. This helps a lot in seeing the beauty of the places I go to.
  • goody hair pin – To keep hair in place for windy and hot days.

I’m sure there are a lot of things here that don’t make sense to other travelers, but I’m sure we all have our own will-kill-myself-if-i-forget-this list. What’s yours? πŸ™‚


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