Travel Tales: Anawangin

Since we are on the topic of beaches, another great place to go to this summer is Anawangin. The place is about 4-5 hours from Manila (if I remember correctly). There is an option to stay at the resorts in the mainland, but a lot of people go there to camp. My plan is to try it one of these days.

Sunset from the mainland

You can reach Anawangin Cove by land, or by boat. Trekking will take around 4 hours.

Better to just hire a boat, it’s definitely faster and more convenient, although I can’t say safer option. Anyway, aside from the cove itself, there are also 2 other islands that you can go to. The Capones Island has a lighthouse with a beautiful view and another island (forgot the name) that will give you a much closer look at this:

The cove is a beauty on its own. It has pine trees, mountain ranges, river that connects to the sea.

A lot of people go here even on off peak seasons first and foremost because it’s just 1 bus ride away from the city. It’s also not that expensive, especially if you’ll bring your own tent and just camp.

Happy camping! ๐Ÿ™‚


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