Travel Tales: Boracay

Since summer is fast approaching, I want to share with you one of the best places to go to for summer here in the Philippines.

Say hello to Boracay!

The white beach and the clear blue skies are just the tip of the iceberg. A lot of people go back not just because of the powdery sand but the places to eat and drink are superb!

Our personal favorites are..

Jonah’s – they make the best fruitshakes in the island

Real Coffee and Tea Cafe – great place for breakfast. Must-try: kalamansi muffin

Bite Club grilled burgers – I love it!

I ❤ BBQ – their sizzling bulalo is a must-try

At the island, there is nothing better to do than eat, drink and get that sun-kissed tan!

So, where are you headed to this summer? 😉


One thought on “Travel Tales: Boracay

  1. nice shots! i’ve been to Boracay many times but it’s always on my list of summer destinations every year. I actually spent new year there and it was so fun!

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