Tonight I Cooked My Lunch for Tomorrow

This is one recipe I learned from my mom. This is one of our default foods at home whenever my mom has no time to cook or too lazy to cook. I learned about this thru observation. My mom is very hands-on in the kitchen, she literally controls and own the kitchen! So up until now, I know very little about cooking. So this one, I can say is one of those that I know I can do well (how sad!!! lol).

It’s very simple and I think a lot of people know how to do it but I’m still posting it so that one day when I have my own kids, they can refer to this tiny space in my blog and find out that their mother actually knows how to cook! hahahaha. Anyway.. You need canned tuna, garlic, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and some salt.

Of course you need to chop everything. Chop it to your liking. I am not a fan of onions so I make it a point they are not chopped finely because I don’t like eating them. Why they’re still there? It helps a lot in making sure the food tastes good.

The boyfriend will always tell me that when sauteing, onions should come first before the garlic (or is it the other way around?). Anyway, I think I actually put the garlic first before the onions hahaha. To keep it a bit healthy, I used the oil from the canned tuna as oil for sauteing. After a few minutes, you can now put the tomatoes, then the potatoes. Let it simmer a bit and let the potatoes cook a bit.

Now it’s time to put in THE major ingredient. Don’t forget the tuna!! Just let it simmer. Put salt to taste.And you know it’s done when the potatoes are cooked, so taste it!!

Viola!!!! Good thing I’m full or else, I would have no lunch tomorrow. hahaha.


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