Travel Tales: My 5 hours in Tanay, Rizal

A few months ago, after a few internet clicks, we went to Tanay, Rizal for a day trip. We went there to see the lighthouse and Daranak falls. One thing you need to be ready for is the long road trip from the van terminal to the town proper.

We saw the famous Daranak Falls. A lot of people go here to swim, but since it was a Monday, few people were there. Oh, I forgot how much the entrance fee is heehee. After seeing the falls, we also went to take a peek at their lighthouse. It’s a small and non-working (I think) lighthouse, don’t expect that you can climb to the top, because it’s locked.

Obviously, 5 hours is not enough, that’s why we only got to 2 places. Tip: if you’re coming from Manila, it’s better to bring your own car instead of using public transportation. The place is relatively small so you won’t really get lost in the area. Also, the tricycle is sometimes too small for the uphills and downhills of the area and there were instances when we needed to go down the vehicle, walk and wait for the vehicle to get to the ‘flat’ area. I want to go back because I know there is more to see than just those two places. Also, I have not tried any local food from the area. So there’s a lot of reasons to go back!


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