Travel Tales: Invading Ilocos, Part 2

After lunch at La Preciosa, we headed over to the bus terminal that will lead us to Pagudpud. Our plan is to check out the beauty of the place and the beach of course then stay overnight.

When we got there, we met Kuya Angel, a tricycle driver who helped us look for a room for the night. We found out that the drivers there actually offer tours around Pagudpud for a very affordable rate so we availed of the tour (we got there at around 2 or 3pm so there was enough time).

Here is the tour:

We visited the beach

Here we are the Patapat viaduct

Say hello to Kuya Angel

We also went to Bantay-Abot cave:


Our dinner consisted of Ilokano Bagnet and Pinakbet

Before leaving Pagudpud, we had the Ilokano longganisa for breakfast

And had our picture taken here!

Next stop was the Bangui windmills, which is really, amazing to see!

I forgot the name of this place but this was like their own version of Marlboro country with all the desert mountains and all.

Our last Ilokano meal was at Saramsam

You see, travelling is fun. And in our case, visiting tons of places can be done in 2 days/1 night time without a private vehicle. ‘Til next travel!


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